• Birth date - Puerto Rico

    Birth date - Puerto Rico
    My name is Roberto Clemente Walker, I was born on Aug 18 1934 I lived in a religous family it was hard because my parents were strict. my parents names are Melchor and Luisa Clemente. My family wasnt rich we actually were poor but baseball was more important too me. At that time i practiced throwing a can a tomato and a ragball and hit bottle caps with sticks.
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  • Vizzcarrondo High School

    Vizzcarrondo High School
    When i got older i attended to Vizcarrondo High School.
  • Clemente in the MLB

    Clemente in the MLB
    Succes was my only chance for a good life.I was so driven into baseball I made the MLB. My number on the Pittsburgh Pirates was 21. I loved baseball so much i set up free baseball clincs for kids.
  • Awards

    People were enormously satisfied with my work. In my later life people started reconizing who i was. I was one of those baseball players who won awards like hitting 3000 hits in a career, winning a dozen gold gloves. I was MVP in the National league and World series and got in the Hall of Fame. Thats why people were genormously satisfied. Plus i care about people the most. I cared about people who dont have things like other people. I didnt give people things to gain public recognition, i did
  • awards part 2

    awards part 2
    It for the people in need
  • Married to Vera Zabala

    Married to Vera Zabala
    Then i met this wonderful woman named Vera Zablala came into my life and we got married in 1964.After I got married I went back to playing ball and helping the community.
  • Clemente Dies trying to help earthquake victims.

    Clemente Dies trying to help earthquake victims.
    Recently, after my 3000th hit an earthquake happened in Nicaragua. I wnated to do something so i packed a bunch of supplies and food in a plane. For the people who survived in the earthquake. So i took off and when the plane was in mid-air the enigine failed and blew up. That was the of my life Aug 18, 1934 - Dec 31, 1972
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame - Character

    Inducted into the Hall of Fame - Character
    Clemente was a generous man in baseball and out of baseball. Clementes motto in baseball was '' I am more valueable to my team hitting .330 the swinging for homeruns.'' This shows hes a generous man in baseball because he wants to get on base to help his team rather than be a star for hitting homeruns. Clementes motto out of baseball is '' I want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave all i had to give''. This shows hes a generous man out of baseball because he was always busy, taking care
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame-Charcter part 2

    Inducted into the Hall of Fame-Charcter part 2
    Of the community in need or making free baseball clinics for kids who want to play the game. Plus he took care of his family.