Robert fulton

robert fulton

  • birth of robert fulton

    birth of robert fulton
    in little britain, lancaster county, pennsylvania
  • steam boat

    steam boat
    fulton invented the first boat ro be completely powered by steam.
  • the reason for the steam boat

    trades could be shipped farther and faster then the ones thats werent fully powered by steam.
  • the impact of the steam boat

    The steamboat became one of the fastest methods of shipping because of their quicker speed and access to the Mississippi River.
  • death of robert fulton

    death of robert fulton
    at the age of 49 fulton passed in new york city
  • the boat in 1900's

    the boat in 1900's
    in the 1900's all boats were powered but steam and where getting even bigging being able to hold more people
  • cruise boat

    cruise boat
    today boats are powered but fuel.