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Rizzle Kicks - Young and Hot

  • Song Was Chosen

    On the 4th of November, we chose our song to do for our A2 Media coursework: Young and Hot by Rizzle Kicks
  • Target Audience Recognised

    We recognise and recorded our target audience to be an 'in crowd' teenager - mid twenty year old.
  • Preliminary Shot List Created

    Pitch was presented and well recieved. From this, we came up with the preliminary shot list and narrative idea of Jack and I aiming to go for a number of girls and getting rejected by each one - this idea was later left.
  • First Day of Shooting

    After noting down certain locations for shooting, we ventured out to Weston High Street to shoot the first parts of our music video.
  • Editing the first parts

    We began to edit the footage we obtained from the previous Friday, giving us a decent indication of how much we had left to film, and how to go about it.
  • More filming

    We began to film shots of the video that we were yet to, but this was hard due to difficulty hearing the music as a result of torrential rain and wind!
  • Filming final stages

    We filmed the parts of the song that we were yet to lip sync, and did a few re-runs of the parts of the song we already had filmed, in order to add variety to shot location and cuts.
  • Rough Cut Edit

    Editing and completing our rough cut