Rise of Totalitarianism

  • Russia's Conflict

    in 1905 czar nicholas II failed to solve Russia's problems, misery spread throughout Russia, the poor wanted to overthrow the czar, thus the people turn to the idea of Marxism.
  • Vladimir Lenin

    returning from exile the Germans brought Lenin back from exile in order to get out of the war. they succeeded. Lenin got Russia out of the war which in return gave the Germans the chance to stop losing not only men but food.
  • Lenin and the Bolsheviks

    Lenin's revolutionary party was made mostly of a small percentage of socialist however they were called bolsheviks meaning the "majority"
  • Lenin's Communist Party/State

    Lenin's main goal was to build a classless soceity where the production of means was put in the hands of the people.
  • Stalin "Man of Steel"

    originally called Joseph Djugashvili. after coming to power Stalin's first and main goal was to modernize Russia.he proposed the 5 year plan which was suppose to build a heavy industry, improve transportation, and increase farm output.
  • The Longest Recession

    there were a lot of things that led up to the GLobal Depression. Many people were losing there jobs. Increasement in the number of homeless people again the things prsident Hoover overlooked. beside building the Empire State Building Hoover was a complete and utter failure.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was due to a decreasing in the economy after WW1. the US wbet to a dramatic economic sufferage. also during that time the US's president Hoover was in deep denial and denied there was even a depression to begin with, thus creating no solutions and having no intention what so ever to get the people out of their misery. since the US was the main trade group as soon as the US hit depression many other nations did.
  • the Great Purge

    Even though Stalin had absolute power he still suspected most people around him. Thus in early 1934 Stalin made sure everyone whom he considered a rival was executed, war heroes, old bolsheviks, even plain ordinary citizens he "suspected" didn't like him
  • stalin

    stalin would puposely killed thousands whom he thought were conspiring against him
  • totalitarians

    stalin and hitler tried to have control completely over theitr nations however their parties had different titles.
  • lenin's ideas

    lenin wanted to still be incontrol however he would let farmers own personal properties