Rise of the Roman Republic

By sabinal
  • 451

    The Twelve Tables

    The Twelve Tables
    Laws were published on tablets called the twelve tables so that the patricians could not change them.
  • Jan 1, 616

    Patricians and Plebeians

    Patricians and Plebeians
    The Roman society was divided into two social classes while the Etruscans ruled Rome: patricians and plebeians. The Patricians were wealthy landowners with all the power. The plebeians were peasants who acted as laborers, shopkeepers, and craftsmen.
  • Period: to

    Rise of the Roman Republic

  • A Republic

    A Republic
    Lucius Junis Brutus led a group of patricians who overcame the Etruscan monarch and replaced it with a republic.
  • Going on Strike

    Going on Strike
    The plebeians were angry with the patricians so they left the city and would not come back until they were given more political rights.
  • Equality

    The patricians and plebeians are now equal. The Plebeians can approve or reject laws, elect consuls, tribunes, and senate members, and serve in the senate.