Rise of The Roman Republic

  • 451

    Plebeians gained Power

    Plebeians gained Power
    Around 451 B.C.E ,after the Plebeians had gotten some power, the patricians agreed that the laws would be written down so that they cannot be chaged whenever after the Plebeians had gotten some power. Also the patricians allowed the plebeians to have the Council of Plebs and have Tribunes.
  • Dec 1, 616

    Etruscans Ruled Rome

    Etruscans Ruled Rome
    During this time, in 616 B.C.E, the Etrsucans ruled Rome and the society was divided into two groups, patricians and plebeians. Patricians were the upper class citizens and plebeians. were peasents that worked at the farm, they were laborers, crasftsmen, and shopkeepers. The Patricians were wealthy land owners that advised the Etruscan king and held important military and religious events, while the plebeians have little voice in the government.
  • The Roman Republic

    The Roman Republic
    After a while the Patricians began to dislike the Etruscan rule. Finally in 509 B.C.E the dove out the last Etruscan king.Then they created the republic. In the republic the Patricians elected leaders to govern the people. There were also other jobs for the Patricians like the senetor and consuls.
  • Plebeians Revolt

    Plebeians Revolt
    After a long time under the patricians rule the plebeians became tired of being peasents. They rebelled. They went out of Rome leaving it defenseless to attack. Also all the labor work in Rome stopped because the plebeians left.
  • Plebeians and Patricians are Equal

    Plebeians and Patricians are Equal
    Amazingly in 287 B.C.E the Plebeians got the right to pass laws for both Plebeians and Patricians. The Plebeians participated in all events. Finally the Plebeians and Patricians were equal.