Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire

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    Paul of Tarsus

    Paul of Tarsus
    -Paul promoted the theory of divine grace and salvation
    -Paul met James in Jerusalem
    -helped make Christianity a universal religion
    -Many of his writings are in the New testimate
    -May have his name because of Roman citizenship.
    -Paul was put in prison in Jerusalem and said to have been killed in prison
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    Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth
    -Jesus was the foundation of Christianity
    -Ministry of Jesus began when he was 12 years old
    -Many of his ministries were on how to live a righteous life
    -Christians believed that he dies for there sins and later rose from the dead
    -He was said to be the reincarnation of God
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    The Great Fire of Rome

    The Great Fire of Rome
    -Nero was the ruler for two decades and wanted to rebuild Rome but was denied that.
    -On July 19th fire broke out along the shops at Circus Maximus but it wasn't unusual
    -The fire ended up last for 6 days before coming under control
    -After smoked cleared, 10 out of 14 districts were burnt down, two-thirds of Rome had been burned down.
    -History blamed Nero for the fire saying that he wanted it burn so he could rebuild, but Nero blamed the Christians for the fire
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    -Perpetua was a Christian martyr of the 3rd century
    -when Emperor Septimius Severus came into power he wan't to cripple Christianity
    -Perpetua was one of the first five to be arrested for being Christian
    -She was killed after staying true to her faith
    -Died in 203 after being killed, it is never know when she was born
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    Great Persecution of 303 CE

    Great Persecution of 303 CE
    -The persecution began in the reign of Diocletian & lasted for 8 years. His goal was to wipe out the christian faith.
    -Along with it he burned down the churches so they had meetings in secret
    -The Christians were tortured & executed if they refused to sacrifice to the Roman Gods
    -Augustus continued the persecution til 311
    -It ended with the a series of edicts making christian practices legal.
  • 306

    Constantine the Great

    Constantine the Great
    -Constantine was the first Roman emperor to profess Christianity
    -He helped the spread and evolution of Christianity
    -He chose to cease the persecution of Christianity which was a big turning point to help the growth of Christianity
    -Laws issued called Edict of Milan helped legalize Christianity happened under his reign helping Christianity.
    -He ordered the Council of Nicaea to be built and it became one of the most holy places.
  • 312

    Battle of Milvian Bridge

    Battle of Milvian Bridge
    -On 10/28 312 A.C. Constantine defeated Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge.
    -Maxentius was attempting to retreat by the Tiber river across the Milvian Bridge when it collapsed and troops of Maxentinus were either killed or imprisioned
    -Maxentius was one of the men who died when trying to swim in the river but ended up drowning.
    -The battle was won by Constantine & he took full control of Rome
    -With the win Constantine was able to legalize all religions specifically Christianity
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    Edict of Milan
    -It permanently established religion tolerance for Christianity
    -The Edict was established in 313 A.D.
    -It was issued when Constantine and Licinius were emperors
    -It was issued in Milan so that it was the name it was given
    -Began in a period of time when Constantine was favoring the religion instead of hating and creating crimes on it
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    Emperor Theodosius

    Emperor Theodosius
    -When in reign made Christianity the official religion of Rome
    - His first goal was to secure his kingdom against the barbarians, which he ended up agreeing to co-exist w/ them.
    -Civil war broke out as a fact of political and religious problems.
    -Theodosius was loyal to Christianity and wanted not only for Christianity to be the main religion but also wanted to put out paganism out fully
    -He won the civil battle & put out paganism and Christianity became the main religion of Rome.
  • 620

    Roman rule of Islam

    Roman rule of Islam
    -In 620s the birth of Islam arrived in Arabia
    -In 628 Mohammad asked Rome to change accept Islam
    -The battle of Mota of 3,000 Muslims and 10,000 Romans with the Romans taking the win
    -Herod tried to take over Jerusalem and his first attempt was unsuccessful
    -He was able to successfully take over by help with aid from governor of Syria