Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire

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  • -63 BCE

    Roman Rule of Israel (begins)

    Roman Rule of Israel (begins)
    -Romans persecuted Judea for believing in a monotheistic god
    -Roman emperor spread polytheistic religion through the Mediterranean
    -Herod was the driving power behind the rule of Israel
    -Romans destroyed Israeli cities for rebelling against polytheistic beliefs
  • -5 BCE

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth
    -Jesus was a preacher and religious leader
    -Christian followers believed Jesus was the incarnation of god and the son of the Messiah
    -Jesus was the first leader, and preacher of Christianity
    -Jesus was regarded as the son of god by Christians, and he came down to clear followers of sin.
  • 64

    Great Fire of Rome

    -Emperor Nero blamed Christians for the Great Fire which burned ⅔ of Rome.
    -⅓ of Rome not burned was christian land
    -The Roman people did not life monotheistic followers
    -The fire led to the persecution of Christians for over 250 years.
  • 67

    Paul of Tarsus

    Paul of Tarsus
    -Spread words of Jesus across the Mediterranean
    -Allowed small sect of Judaism to world wide faith
    -Spread religion which is open to all
    -Traveled tens of thousands of miles by foot spreading religion
  • 203


    -Perpetua was imprisoned by Emperor Septimius
    -Perpetua lived in Carthage which was the center of a christian community
    -Emperor Septimius viewed Christianity as Roman patriotism
    -Perpetua was killed in the arena commended by Halarianus
  • 303

    The Great Persecution

    The Great Persecution
    -Christians were blamed for Romans social problems
    -The christian attack was one of the fist mass genocides
    -As many as 2 million Christians were killed
    -The attempt of genocide can be related to the Holocaust due to the religion bias
  • 312

    Battle of Milvian Bridge

    Battle of Milvian Bridge
    -Battle marked the beginning of Constantine conversion to Christianity
    -Christian symbol marked on shield, due to cross image in the sky
    -Constantine was not a christian follower, but he believed in fate which he believed won him the war.
    -Victory in battle allowed Constantine to create the Edict of Milan
  • 312

    Constantine the Great

    Constantine the Great
    -Constantine saw a symbol in the sky which was the shape of a cross
    -A cross and XP was written on the shield. XP stould for Jesus's first initials.
    -The Win in battle to become emperor allowed Constantine to give Christians thanks, and freedom to christian supporters.
    -He Created Constantinople which was a city built to recognize Christianity and victory in battle.
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    Edict of Milan
    -The edict allowed the religious followers freedom of practice
    -Law created by Constantine is present in modern US constitution (1st Amendment)
    -The influence of the Edict Milan allowed Christianity to expand and gain followers
    -Milan was the city the Edict of Milan was concluded in
  • 347

    Emperor Theodosius

    Emperor Theodosius
    -Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the official religion of Rome
    -Helped end persecution of Christians
    -Allowed followers of Christianity to relocate
    -Built a temple of Christianity in Jerusalem