Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire - Henry Wilson

  • 64 BCE

    Roman Rule of Israel (begins)

    Roman Rule of Israel (begins)
    -The first war between the Jews and Romans started in 66 CE
    -In the Siege of Jerusalem, Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and, according to some accounts, stole artifacts from it
    -After the Jewish-Roman wars, Hadrian tried to erase historical ties of the Jews with the region
    -After the Jewish-Roman wars, many Jews were sold into slavery
    -The Jews that were not sold as slaves were either killed or forced to flee
  • 6 BCE

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth
    -He was Jewish and grew up in Nazareth
    -His parents were extremely religious
    -The Romans condemned Jesus to death in 30 CE
    -His last name was not actually Christ
    -He was baptized in 27 CE
    Jesus of Nazareth was born sometime between 6 and 4 BCE and died in 30 CE
  • 4 BCE

    Birth of Paul of Tarsus

    Birth of Paul of Tarsus
    -Born is what is now Turkey
    -A leader of the first generation of Christians
    -Also know as Paul the Apostle and Saint Paul
    -Considered to be most important person after Jesus in the history of Christianity
    -Jewish name was Saul of Tarsus
    Paul of Tarsus died sometime between 62-64 CE
  • 64

    Great Fire of Rome

    Great Fire of Rome
    -Emperor Nero blamed this fire on Christians
    -The fire burned for 6 days and destroyed over 70% of the city
    -Some ancient historians blamed the fire on Emperor Nero
    -Modern historians blame the fire on poorly constructed wooden apartments
    -Surprisingly, there were only 6 verified deaths in the fire
    Ended July 23, 64 CE
  • 181


    -One of the most revered saints in the history of the church
    -She was from Carthage
    -She was martyred at 22, and she had an infant son at the time
    -Her father was the only non-Christian in the family
    -Her diary is the oldest preserved written work by a Christian woman
    Perpetua died on March 7th 203 CE
  • 272

    Birth of Constantine the Great

    Birth of Constantine the Great
    -Constantine the Great ruled as emperor between 306 AD and 337 AD
    -Along with Licinius, Constantine made the Edict of Milan in 313
    -Constantine's birth name was Flavius Valerius Constantinus.
    -Constantine first became a Christian because the night before an important battle, he supposedly saw a cross in the sky that led him to victory
    -Constantine also founded Constantinople
    Constantine the Great died May 22, 337 CE
  • 303

    Great Persecution of 303 CE

    Great Persecution of 303 CE
    -The Great Persecution was the last persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire
    -The Emperors Maximian, Constantius, Galerius, and Diocletian put out multiple laws restricting the rights of Christians
    -These laws also demanded that Christians adhere to traditional religious practices
    -Emperors before Diocletian were reluctant to write laws that were generally against Christians
    -The start of the Persecution was when Diocletian ordered a newly built church to be destroyed
    Ended 311 CE
  • 312

    Battle of Milvian Bridge

    Battle of Milvian Bridge
    -Constantine the Great saw a cross in the sky before this battle, which supposedly brought him to victory
    -After this battle, Christianity was established as the official religion of the empire
    -This battle was a crucial moment in the civil war that was going on at the time
    -By the time this battle happened, Rome was gradually falling apart
    -Maxentius intended to make a strategic withdrawal, but that decision ended up costing him the battle
  • 313

    Edict of Milan

    Edict of Milan
    -Political agreement between Constantine I and Licinius
    -Gave freedom for the people to worship whatever deity they wanted
    -Gave Christians legal rights
    -This was the first edict that actually succeeded in establishing religious toleration
    -The Edict of Milan started the path to Christianity becoming the official religion of the empire
  • 347

    Birth of Emperor Theodosius

    Birth of Emperor Theodosius
    -His first goal as Emperor was to rebuild the army
    -He ruled as Emperor from 379-395 CE
    -He suppressed paganism
    -He established a universal norm for the Christian orthodox
    -His death was a surprise because he appeared to have recovered from the sickness that killed him
    Emperor Theodosius died on January 17 395 CE