Rise & Fall

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    Generals was people who had enormes power in the roman Empire they were the leaders of the army. They also had a huge influence in the senate
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    The first reformer was called "Sirius Sempronius Gracchus" he and many other people fought for more rights for the poor people (Plebeins)
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    Farm to City

    After the punic wars the farmers had to sell their land and they were given two choises either to work for the new owner or move to the cities most people moved to the cities, however the conditions were really bad.
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    Agricultural Change

    Agricultural Change was when the owners of the farms instead of having small farms made Latifundias which was basically bigger farms. This meant that farms produced more.
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    Punic War III

    In the third punic war the Cartheginians were planing to attack the Romans and re gain their territory. But the romans new of this idea and attacked the cartheginians. The romans won a burned the city and after burning down the city they put salt in all the soil so nothing could grow there.But a greek city-state called "Corinth" refused to obey the romans so the romans attacked and burnded down Corinth, the roman territory was already including Macedonia & Syria, but now added Greece.
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    Punic War II

    In the second punic war Hannibal tried his luck by attacking the romans. But he thought that he would have to do it in a different way in which his farther had done it. So he put together a huge and loyal army, this army had to go through a terible long journy passing up through Spain a Guile (Southern France) in Guile his army basically dobbled. But what Hannibal had not sawn was that he had to pass the Alps. When he had passed the Alps he fought his way to Rome but was defeated there.
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    Punic war II 2

    After the Hannibal was defeated he had to give his land and all his money to the Romans now the Romans had overcome a huge challenge.
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    Punic War I

    In the first punic war the Carthegians went by sea up to the romans to attack them they thought that Rome was a threat to them. This battle turned out to be the start of something that would last for years. The first punic war was won by the Romans.
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    Roman Republic starts!

    When the Roman Rebublic started the people were allowed to vote which lead to happier life because the people could choose their own leader and senate members
  • End of Republic!

    The roman republic started to decrease in power when the taxes increased and the gab between poor and rich started to become bigger.
  • Julius Ceaser Death!

    Juilius ceaser died because the senate was against one man rulership. So the senate created a plan to invite him to a meeting and than stab him he was stabbed 24 times and than died. All the senaters would have to escape because people tried to kill them they were made about the death of Julius Ceaser.
  • Julius Ceaser!

    Julius Ceaser was probably the most known leader in the Roman Empire he was born into a rich family but was threatend by his cousin Sulla, But later on he became a general and quickly fought his way to the power he also conquered England and mdren day France.