Rise and Fall of Roman Republic

  • Rome established

  • Roman Repblic established

  • Roman Republic unified Italian penninsula

  • Punic War I - Rome vs. Carthage

    It ends in 241 B.C.
  • Punic War II

    It ends in 201 B.C.
    Hannibal won.
  • Punic War III

    It ends in 146. Carthage perished.
    Roman Republic colonaized Macedonia and Greece.
  • Roman Republic colonazied Spain

  • Caesar expedited to Gallia

  • Colonized Gallia

  • Caesar expedited Egypt

  • Caesar became life long dicator

    He was killed by Brutus.
  • Rome vs. Egypt (WAR)

  • Rome perished Egypt

  • Octavianus became Augustus

    Roman Republic ended and beginning of the imperial govenment.