Revolution/Republic timeline

  • Texas Independence from Mexico

    Texans write the Declaration of Independence
  • Texas loses the Battle of the Alamo

    Texas loses their battle to the Mexican army after fighting for a total of 13 days.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Texas wins the battle against the Mexican army, giving Texas independence from Mexico. This battle only lasted a total of approximately 18 minuets.
  • Sam Houston becomes President

    Sam Houston is the first to become president after Texas receives their independence.
  • Formal Annexation offer

    The Texans administer to the U.S government an offer for Texas to annex itself to the U.S
  • Mirabeau B. Lamar Is Elected President

    Mirabeau B. Lamar Is Elected President of the Republic of Texas. He was also known as the "Father of Texas Education".
  • Withdrawal Approval

    Texas is able to withdraw their annex proposal
  • Mier Expedition

    William S. Fisher and 300 elected volunteers cross the Rio Grande to enter the town of Mier. They were demanding supplies from the town, and this led to a battle that lasted approximately 24 hours. The Mexicans won the battle against Fisher.
  • Proposed Commerce Treaty

    The U.S Senate passes a proposed treaty... However, they stick with the original because congress failed the latest version of the treaty.
  • Texas becomes part of the U.S

    The United Stated annexes Texas, and Texas officially becomes part of the U.S