Revolution/Republic Timeline

By Liyahr
  • The Battle of Alamo

    The Battle of Alamo
    Fight between the Mexicans and Texas for Independence.
  • The Battle of Brazos River

    The Battle of Brazos River
    This was a fight between the Mexican Navy and The Texas Navy.
  • New President

    New President
    The Republic gets a new president. Mirabeau B. Lamar
  • Forces gathered

    Forces gathered
    On this day Texas gathered with San Patricio. They wanted to organize the Republic of the Rio Grande expedition.
  • Division

    An Mexican Army lead by Rafael Vasquez invades Texas. Compares both San Antonio and Goliad.
  • Naval Battle

    Naval Battle
    Texas Navy Republic engages Mexican Naval Vessels in what is called the Naval Battle of Campeche.
  • New Republic President

    New Republic President
    In December the Republic got a new president by the name of Anson Jones.
  • A new bill is passed

    A new bill is passed
    The US Congress passed a bill to authorize the US to be an extension to the Republic of Texas.