Revolution/Republic Timeline (1836-1845)

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In History
  • Chief Bowl submitted a treaty with Sam Houston that Texas legislature did not ratify

  • Period: to

    Sam Houston is Republic of Texas' first president

  • Siege of the Alamo

  • Texan delegates declared independence from Mexico and organized a government

  • Fall of the Alamo

  • Road to San Jacinto

  • Santa Anna is captured, signed Treaty of Velasco, and war with Mexico is ended

  • United States recognizes the Republic of Texas

  • Texas capitol moved to Houston

  • Lamar initiated expulsion of Cherokee from Texas, Chief Bowls was killed during the expulsion

  • Period: to

    The Lamar Administration

  • Mexican forces captured San Antonio again, but were defeated by Texans and forced back to Mexico

  • Somervell expedition was defeated by Mexican troops

  • Period: to

    Sam Houston's Second term

  • President Tyler re-opened negotiations with Texas

  • Texas and United States government signed treaty of annexation, but was rejected by the US senate

  • Anson Jones succeeded Sam Houston as president of the Republic of Texas

  • The Tyler administration secured the annexation of Texas through joint resolution of Congress

  • New state of Texas secured voter approval for voting in December 1845