Reform Timeline

  • the second great awekening happens

    the main point of the second great awakening every person could be saved through revivals. religous reform
  • Emma Willard establishes a school for women

    she wanted to educate girls because they weren't treated like the men were womens rights
  • The Mormon religion founded

    This religion was founded and is still around today religous reform
  • Garrison Prints "The Liberator"

    It was a newspaper article against slavery -Abolition
  • The Nat Turner Uprising

    The uprising was a slave rebellion where the slaves went crazy and fought against whites which caused whites to form militias. Abolition
  • Horace Mann becomes superintendent of Massechusetts schools

    he strongly believed education would change kids and make them more disciplined other
  • Horace Mann becomes superintendent of Massechusetts schools

    He strongly believed education would change kids and make them more disciplined literature
  • Frederick Douglas escapes slavery

    He escaped slavery and headed north on a train -abolition
  • Brooks farm founded

    The Brook Farm was based on balancing labor and fun while working together for the benefit of the greater community! Literature
  • Thoreau writes civil Disobedience

    this was written to be a resistence of the civil government literature
  • Dorthea Dix begins her work in prisons, hospitals, and asylums

    She helped people get the proper treatment they needed and was very equal other
  • Margaret Fuller writes "women in the 19th century"

    The reason for Fuller’s essay was the idea that man will rightfully inherit the earth when he becomes an elevated being. and understanding of divine love womens rights
  • The Seneca Falls Convention

    Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Stanton held a convention for women's rights -Womens rights movement
  • Amelia Bloomer begins to publish The Lily

    A poem about life experiences womens rights
  • Neil Dow passes the Maine law

    The passing of this law which prohibited the sale of all alcoholic beverages except for medicinal, mechanical or manufacturing purposes tempercince
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe wrutes Uncle Tom's Cabin

    the book was about how bad slavery really was but also how Christian love can over come such a bad thing literature
  • harriet tubman escapes bondage and begins to work for the underground railroad

    she espcaped from slavery and then helped other slaves escape through the underground railroad abolition
  • The 13th Amendment

    This amendment was passed to outlaw slavery -abolition
  • Married womens property act passed

    women were granted the right to own their own property womens rights
  • The 18th Amendment

    This amendment established prohibition in the United States. Other
  • the 19th Amendment

    This amendment gave women the righ to vote -womens rights