Harriet Tubman

  • Birthday Of Araminta (Harriet)

    Birthday Of Araminta (Harriet)
    Araminta Ross (a.k.a Harriet Tubman) was born Dec 31 1820. Her origanal name was Araminta but called herself Harriet. Birthplace: Bucktown, Dorchester Country, Maryland.
  • First Sold

    First Sold
    At age 5, young Harriet was first sold to a plantation where she was forced to check muskrat traps in rivers cold as ice. But she was quickly becoming ill.
  • Became Sick

    Became Sick
    Because of all the freezing diving, Harriet became ill and had to go to a hospital.
  • Re-Sold

    Harriet was re-sold after her recovery from broncitis to a planter and her child whom she had to take care of and feed.
  • Ran Away

    Ran Away
    When trying to eat a sugar lump one morning because she was exuasted from rocking the child to sleep all night long, she saw her overseer (owner) reaching for a whip and she ran.
  • Returned

    Harriet starved from having no food and returned to her overseeer where she was immediantly whipped.
  • Re-Sold

    Harriet was re-sold to a plantation where she was forced to hual wood around.
  • Unfairly Injured

    Unfairly Injured
    At age 13, Harriet was defending a fellow slave when her overseer struck her in the head with a two- pund weight. This cuased her to have seizures throughout her life.
  • Married John Tubman

    Married John Tubman
    In 1844, she married John Tubman, a freeman.She got permission from her overseer to marry him but she still had to work often. When she told him of her dreams of being free, he said she would never be free and if she ran away he would turn her in.
  • Divorce

    On one of her first trips back to Maryland, in hopes to convince John to go north with her, Harriet discovered her had taken another wife and they had to divorce.
  • Escaped to The North

    Escaped to The North
    Harriet Escaped to the north for freedom despite what others said. But she soon became lonely and set a goal to free her family. She went to Philadalphia to finance recue trips. She said "I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person now that I was free. There was such a glory over everything... I felt like I was in Heaven."
  • Rescued Sister

    Harriet freed her sister.
  • Rescued Brother

    Harriet freed her brother
  • Rescued other 3 Brothers

    Harriet freed her other 3 brothers.
  • Rescued Parents

    Harriet freed her parents.
  • Finish Rescuing Whole Family

    Finish Rescuing Whole Family
    Harriet completed her goal of freeing her entire family and contineud freeing others dispite that her capture was worth $40,000.
  • Joined Civil War

    Harriet joined the civil war as a scout, nurse, and spy.
  • Moved to South Carolina

    Moved to South Carolina
    Harriet moved to Beuford, South Carolina to help slaves from bondage to freedom.
  • Goes to Virginia

    Goes to Virginia
    Harriet goes to Virginia to care for wounded black soldeirs in Fortress Monroe, Virginia.
  • Trasformed Home

    Trasformed Home
    In 1868, Harriet transformed her home into the Home for Aged and Indigent Colored People.
  • Married Nelson Davis

    Married Nelson Davis
    Harriet married Nelson Davis in 1869, whom she never divorced.
  • Autobiography Revised and Published

    Autobiography Revised and Published
    Harriet Tubman's autobioghraphy created by herself and Sarah Hopkins Bradford is published.
  • Death of Nelson Davis

    Death of Nelson Davis
    Harriet's husband Nelson Davis dies of tubercolosis. She never re-married.
  • Harriet's Death

    Harriet dies in Auburn, New York.