Frederick the Great

  • Birth

    He was born in Berlin, Germany as Frederick William II, his parents were Frederick William and Sophia Dorothea.
  • Birth

    Born as Frederick William II, parents were Frederick William II Sophia Dorothea
  • Frederick tries to run away from home

    Frederick tries to run away from home
    At age 16, Frederick tries to run away from home with his best friend Hans Herman Von Katte. The basis of this decision is due to Frederick's horrible relationship with his father. He wants to study things like art and literature but his father will do allow it. So, he and Hans try to escape, they are caught and Frederick is forced to watch Hans's execution.
  • Frederick begins to study what his father desires him to

    Frederick is pardoned from prison for trying to run away. He begrudgingly begins to study military strategy and the political administration so he can prepare for when he inherits the throne. Frederick is appointed a position in the 'War and Estates Departments on November 20th to further his studies. He did not want to begin these studies but was forced into it by his father.
  • Marriage

    Married Elizabeth Christine
  • Frederick the Great takes power

    Frederick the Great takes power
    Frederick the Great inherits the throne from this father, Frederick William I. His main goal as king was to unite his country again. He wanted to be 'the servant of the people'
  • Father's Death

    Frederick's life was bettered from his father's death. His father was a very toxic person in Frederick's life. He did not approve of any of his sons interests and forced him to learn topics he did not enjoy. After his father's death Frederick was able to live his life and carry out his polices in his own way.
  • Period: to

    The First Silesian War

    Frederick the Great used his power to defeat and conquer Silesia from Austrian control.
  • Treaty of Berlin

    Treaty signed by Frederick and Maria Theresa of Austria. This was a peace treaty made to end the First Silesian War and was also put in place to end the arguments over land. Frederick gained land that was about one third of Prussia's land before the treaty, allowing Prussia to gain the title of a strong European power.
  • Built the Berlin Opera House

    Built the Berlin Opera House
    Frederick the Great had an interest in the rococo style and built several building, like this one, in the style.
  • Treaty of Dresden

    Signed the Treaty of Dresden to secure his hold on the newly conquered Silesia.
  • Period: to

    The Seven Years' War

    The main conflict during this time. This war involved all major European power except the Ottoman Empire. The main conflict included Prussia and England vs. Austria, Russia and France. This war was ended with the Treaty of Saint Petersburg in 1762, Treaty of Paris in 1763, Treaty of Hamburg in1762 and the Treaty of Hubertusburg in 1763
  • Success in the Seven Years' War

    Success in the Seven Years' War
    Even though Prussia was not expected to succeed in the Seven Years' War, they ended up pulling through and emerging as a large power in Europe. Prussia does not completely win or lose the war and they get to keep Silesia.
  • The First Partition of Poland

    The First Partition of Poland
    During the Russo-Turkish War, Frederick decided not to take the front head on but to instead try to take some of Turkey's expansion into Poland. The territory was easy for Prussia to claim because at the time Turkey has a weak governmental structure. They were also in the red because of a recent civil war, this allowed for Prussia to claim a lot of land and expand their empire.
  • Treaty of Amity and Commerce

    Treaty that was discussed between the USA and Prussia. This treaty allowed for free trade and peace between USA and Prussia. From signing this document Prussia became the first European power that recognized America as a growing country.
  • Death

    Died at age 74 in Potsdam, Germany