Frederick douglass2

Frederick Douglass

  • Frederick Douglass was born.

    Frederick Douglass was born.
    Frederick Dougass was born in 1818 in Tuckahoe, Talbot County, Maryland. He was born as a slave and his master was Aaron Anthony. Rumors were spread that he was Douglass' father, but no one was really sure if he really was. He had three other siblings all of which were older than him. Their names were Perry, Sarah, and Eliza and he also had a mom.
  • Moves to plantation on Wye River.

    Moves to plantation on Wye River.
    In 1824 Frederick Douglass was moved to another plantation on Wye River. When he is moved over there he lives with his siblings Perry, Sarah, and Eliza. He visits his mother sometimes when allowed to ,but only for about an hour or so before he has to leave.
  • Frederick Douglass' mother dies.

    In 1896 his mother dies ,but he doesnt have much emotion to when it happens becasue he felt as if she were a stranger who had passed away. Douglass is then sent to Baltimore to live with Hugh Auld. Later on his master Aaron Anthony dies a year later that same year and is passed on to Thomas Auld and becomes his property. He is then sent back to Hugh Auld.
  • Learns how to read.

    Learns how to read.
    As Douglass gets older he sees that other children are learning how to read and going to school. This intrests him so he asks Sophia Auld, Hugh's wife if she can teach him how to read. She says yes and teraches him small words. Later on she gets caught teaching Douglass and Hugh tells her to stop and that it could make the slaves rebellious.
  • Attempt of Escape

    Attempt of Escape
    Frederick tries to escape from slavery ,but is then caught and goes to jail. He then is realesed and sent back to work for Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore. He then sent out to work at the shipyard in Baltimore as a caulker. He then learns more about escaping and gains knowledge about where to go. He then attepmpts to excape slavery again two years later.
  • Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

    Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.
    In 1845 Douglass finally gets his book The Life of Frederick Douglass published. Although he finally gets his booked published it could endanger him since he use to be a slave and he escaped telling all of this in his book. On a speaking tour he also meets up with Susan B. Anthony and becomes the champion of women's rights.
  • Going North.

    Going North.
    John Brown with abolitionist followers attack the federal camp at Harpers Ferry. When they leave there then they go to Virginia. He plans to start a slave revolution and give shelter for fleeing slaves. Federal troops find him and take him, and he is then hanged. Later on the police find a letter from Douglass to Brown. Douglass goes to Canada and then to England to escape arrest on charges of helping in Brown's raid.
  • Douglass meets with President Lincoln.

    Douglass meets with President Lincoln.
    President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation is being used to abolish slavery in states that have or use it. Fredrick Douglass and his son join in the army recruiters. 180,000 African Americans serve in the Civil War on the Union side. Douglass meets up with Lincoln to talk about the unequal pay and poor treatment that the African American soliders get.
  • Appointed U.S. Marshal.

    Douglass is appointed U.S. marshal of the District of Columbia by President Hayes. As he had been chased by many Marshal's now he is apart of them. He has then become the first African American Marshal in the United States. He had become very important in history for being the first African American for that and many other acconplishments in his past time.
  • Frederick Douglas passes away.

    Frederick Douglas passes away.
    In Washingtom D.C. he goes to a meeting for the National Council of Women and speeks with them. He then finishes the meeting a goes to his house. As he returns home in the evening he talks about the meeting to his wife. When explaining it to him he has heart faliure/heart attack and dies.