Harriet gtubman

Harriet Tubman

  • The U.S. Capital

    The U.S. Capital
    In June 1800 the U.S. capital was moved. It was orignally in Philadelphia and then it was moved to Washington D.C. The president moved the capital because they wanted a place where they could govern the nation.
  • The electors votes

    The electors votes
    On February 11 the electors votes for presidental election is offically open. It is counted by the congress. The first presidnet to be elected by this system is Thomas jefferson. The vice president is Aaron Burr.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    In 1803 Jefferson began to explor the Mississippi Rvier. He got funds from the Congress. He was in search of a route to the pacific. Jeffersons secretary Meriwether Lewis began planning the expidition with took place in late 1802.
  • Lewis and Clark expedition

    Lewis and Clark expedition
    In May of 1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out to the Missouri River. The are in search for a route to the Pacific.
  • France verses Spain

    France verses Spain
    In 1808 The french occupy's the spanish penisular. This caused The Peninsular War. It lasted about 4 years. The French was able to take and control parts of Spain but not all of it. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet Tubman was born

    Harriet Tubman was born
    Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester Country, Maryland. She was born into slavery. Both her parents were African American so she was born purely African American. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet marries John Tubman

    Harriet marries John Tubman
    In 1844 Harriet Greene marries John Tubman and she becoms Harriet Tubman. John Tubman was a free black slave. Harriet and John adopted a daughter. Her name was Gertie Davis. Exact date unknown.
  • Revolution of 1848

    Revolution of 1848
    In 1848 the Revolution of 1848 begins France. This revolution resulted in the establisment of the 2nd french republic. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet escapes

    Harriet escapes
    In 1849 Harriet Tubman escapes slavery in the south. She goes to Philadelphia, Pennsylvaina. While she is their she need money to get to Maryland with her family so she starts working as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet begins working on the Underground Railroad

    Harriet begins working on the Underground Railroad
    Harriet Tubman beging working on the Underground Railroad. She is hired to work as a conductor in Pennsisylvania. She also makes her first trip to the south to rescue some of her family members. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet makes another trip to the south

    Harriet makes another trip to the south
    Harriet makes another trip to the south. This time she is rescuing her parents, Ben Ross and Harriet Greene. After she rescues them using the underground railroad she brings them back to Maryland with the rest of their family. This picture is a painting of Harriet and her family when then reunite in Maryland. Exact date unkonown.
  • Harriet Tubman settles in New York

    Harriet Tubman settles in New York
    Harriet Tubman begins to slow down on freeing slaves and settles in Auburn, New York. While she is there her and John buy a farm and they planed to stay there. Exact date unknown.
  • Third trip to the south

    Third trip to the south
    Harriet Tubman made another trip to the south using the Underground Railroad. She led 70 runaway slaves to freedom. Exact date unknown.
  • Antislavery Confrence

    Antislavery Confrence
    Harriet spoke at the New England Antislaverly Confrence. She went in disguise with a different name so no one would capture her. People were offering $40,000 to whoever captured Harriet. Exact date unknown.
  • Cival War

    Cival War
    During the Cival war Harriet Tubman but freeing slaves to a holt. She became working as a maid, cook and nurse during the war. Exact date unknown.
  • Harriet Tubman Dies

    Harriet Tubman Dies
    Harriet Tubman dies on March 10, 1913. She dies in Auburn New York. She was buried in Fort Hill Cemetery.