Tubman 2

Harriet Tubman

By skyy23
  • Birthday, First years of life

    Birthday, First years of life
    Araminta Harreit Ross( who would be known as Harriet Tubman later as she changed her name to her mothers later in life) was born a slave to Harriet Green( owned by Mary Pattison) and Ben Ross( owned by Anothony Thompson). Araminta was 1/9 chidren born to Harriet and Ben. Aramintas life was very cruel and harsh as a young kid, Mary sold 3 of harrets sisters to far away plantations severing the family. Her mom stopped the parting of the family setting examples for Araminta as a child.
  • young age of work

    young age of work
    At a young age Araminta was put to work as a house severent working for her mothers owners family. She was only 5 or 6 when she started working she was to want a baby boy while he slept, if he woke and cry she was whipped. Once she was whipped 5 times before breakfst. "She found was to resist, running away for five days, wearing layers of clothing as protection against beatings, and fighting back. She also worked for the Cook family checking muskrat traps. as she got older she worked on feilds.
  • Head Ingury

    Head Ingury
    Around the age 11 or 12 Araminta had a serious head injury that could have killed her. Araminta was sent to a dry-goods store for supplies. There, she encountered a slave owned by another family, who had left the fields without permission. His overseer, furious, demanded that Tubman help restrain the young man. She refused, and as the slave ran away, the overseer threw a two-pound weight at him. He struck Araminta instead,Tubman endured seizures, severe headaches and narcoleptic episodes.
  • Marriage

    Araminta then meat a free black man named John Tubman and they married. But it was complicated because she was enslaved and since she was born a slave and born from a slave she was still conciderded a slave, but this was not uncomn for a free black and a slave to marry. Half of the African American population was free by this time. Rumors on the couple is that John was /did buy Harriet out of slavery. Tubman changed her name from Araminta to Harriet soon after her marriage.
  • Escape

    Harriets was scared she was gonna get sold and have to leave her family at the plantation. The fact her owner died worried her even more about being sold, so she made the desiction to run away with her two brothers, Henry and Ben. Later there owner posted a runaway notice. they returned back on there own because Ben might have just became a father, meaning henry and harreit had to return back with him. But harriert escaped again without her brothers this time, and she also told her mom she left.
  • SOLD!!!

    Harriet got the notice that her neice and her two younger children where going to be sold. Her neices husband made the winning bid for his wife and kids. While he pretended to sign the agreement while hariet snuck her neice and children to philidalpia, This was the path that she was nicknamed "moses" after because of her bravery and leadership.
  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass
    Harriet led a group of 11 fugitive slaves, that possibly included the bowleys and severals others she could have rescued earlier northward. There is evidence that Harriet stopped at abolitionist and used to be slave Frederick Douglasses house. Douglass wrote "On one occasion I had eleven fugitives at the same time under my roof, and it was necessary for them to remain with me until I could collect sufficient money to get them on to Canada. It was the largest number I ever had at any one time"
  • John Brown

    John Brown
    Harriet was introduce to John Brown, an insurgent who used violence to burn off slavery in the U.S.. Though Harriet never used violence against whites, she agreed with the direct action and goals that john had. Like Harriet, john told he was also called by god to make the actions they did. Harriet claimed to have had a prophetic vision of meeting Brown before their meet. shortly after that john asked "general tubman" to attack with him.
  • Remarried

    Harriet met her 2nd and last husband, Nelson Davis, by taking him in as a boarder to help his elderly parents pay the bills. Even thoguh she was 22 years older than he was they still got married. They were married at the Central Presbyterian Church and spent the next 20 years together and adopted a baby girl names Gertie.
  • Dontation

    Harriet donated a piece of her land to and African Methodist Esiscapol Church in Auburn. In 1908 The Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged was opened on his sight. But she didnt enjoy the fact the residents there had to pay $100 to get in. "They make a rule that nobody should come in without they have a hundred dollars. Now I wanted to make a rule that nobody should come in unless they didn't have no money at all."
  • Later life Troubles

    Later life Troubles
    As Harriet grew older her head inguries became more painful and disruptive. She had brain sugery at the boston massachusettes hospital. She was not giving anesthesia for the surgery but she rather bite down on a bullet like she made the civil war soilders when the limbs were amputated. But after the surgey she said "sawed open my skull, and raised it up, and now it feels more comfortable."
  • Illness and Death

    Illness and Death
    Harriet died of pneumonia surround by friends and family sitting with her and in the room. she told everyone in the room before she pased "I go to prepare a place for you." A survey at the end of the 20th century named her as one of the most famous civilians in American history before the Civil War. When she died, Tubman was buried with semi-military honors at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn. The city commemorated her life with a plaque on the courthouse.