Harriet tubman

Harriet Tubman

  • Harriet Tubman's Birth

    Harriet Tubman's  Birth
    Harriet Tubman birthday was unknown due to fact slave owners will not share information to the slaves about their own birthdays. However, Harriet was born somewhere in winter in the 1819's. The place that Harriet was born was in Bucktown, Maryland, somewhere in Dorchester County.
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    Harriet Tubman Life Events

    Harriet Tubman was a African Slave during the south. She was one of the most important slaves. This is her timeline of the most important events of Harriet's life.
  • Harriet Refuses to Help The Overseer

    Harriet Refuses to Help The Overseer
    Harriet Tubman, at the age of twelve, got blown to the head by the overseer. She refused to tie up the slave who tried to runaway. The injury caused a lifetime of seizures and ecilipsy. She started to had these weird dreams that she was communicating with God.
  • Harriet First Labor

    Harriet First Labor
    When Harriet Tubman has turrned six years old, she was old enough to work. She wasn't able to work in the field. Harriet's job was hired as a nursemaid by someone named Miss Susan. Slave owners, James Cook and Miss Susan, both abused her physically like she was whipped, slapped, and beatened.
  • Harriet Tubman Marriage

    Harriet Tubman Marriage
    Around 1844, Harriet ask permission to marry John Tubman, a freeman, from her owners. She also asked to stay with him. Harriet was granted permission however the slaveowners wanted her to still work in the fields.
  • Harriet Ran Away From Slavery

    Harriet Ran Away From Slavery
    1849, Harriet's slave owner has died. Harriet and her brothers had ran away. They were afraid to be sold to another plantation and work more in notorious conditions. Soon. she was walking all alone with another group of slaves on foot on the Underground Railroad, a passage way were slaves attempt to escape to the north.
  • Harriet Came Back To Help Her Relatives Escape

    Harriet Came Back To Help Her Relatives Escape
    Harriet Tubman came back to the south in order to help her relatives escape slavery. She lead them through the Underground Railroad. She then came back for her husband, however, he wanted to stay with his new wife Caroline.
  • First Woman Assault In Civil War

    First Woman Assault In Civil War
    Harriet worked as the nurse and a cook in the begining of the Civil War. Then she leveled up as a spy and a scout of commander James Montegomery. She was in an assult of the Combahee River Raid. As a result, 700 African slaves were set free. Harriet was also is one of the recruiters of the African Americans.
  • Fourteenth Admendment Was Established

    Fourteenth Admendment Was Established
    After the Civil War was gone, the Fourteenth Admendment was established. Which had end former slavery, making slaves finally free. The Admendment also gives citizenship to African Americans who were slaves.
  • Harriet Tubman's Biogrphy Was Publish

      Harriet Tubman's Biogrphy Was Publish
    Harriet Tubman's biography during 1869. The author who authorized published was Sarah H, Bradford. The biography was called "Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman." The book describes her childhood as a slave and what major events that Harriet Tubman has done to help slavery in the south.
  • Harriet's Later Years: Women Suffrage

    Harriet's Later Years: Women Suffrage
    In Harriet's later years after slavery was over, she was in a organization for Women's Suffrage. Women didn't have the same equal rights as men. Women were making agruments and sometimes violence in order to achieve their goals. Soon after, women got equal rights as men. We still have equal rights and freedom in our present day world.
  • Harriet Tubman's Death

    Harriet  Tubman's Death
    Harriet Tubman died on March 10, 1913. At this point, Harriet helped escape alot of slaves to the underground railroad. She died in Auburn, New York. The cause of her death was penumonia, a type of illness that makes your breathing difficult, coldlike symtoms, and a possibly a fever.