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Life of Harriet Tubman

  • Harriet Tubman was born

    Harriet Tubman was born
    Her birth name was Armanita Ross. She was born on a large plantation outside of a small town in Maryland. She was the first of the many children her mother would have. Nobody actully knows the exact date that she was born..
  • Period: to

    Harriet Tubmans life span

    Harriet Tubman lived to be 91 years old! She spent almost her whole life dedicated to saving hundreds of black slaves.
  • Harriet Tubman is married.

    Harriet Tubman is married.
    At age 25, she marries john Tubman, a freed black slave who does not share her dream. In fact, when she mentioned escaping to Philidelphia, he threatened to tell the master. He clearly prefered to stay put.
  • Escapes to Philidelphia

    Escapes to Philidelphia
    Harriet, along with her two brothers, escaped from there plantation hoping to reach freedom in Philidelphia. Unfortunatly, her brothers did not make it all the way with her. However, she vowed to emedietly join the underground railroad and go back to retreive the rest of her family and many other black slaves.
  • Becoming a conducter

    Becoming a conducter
    Harriet Tubman became an official Underground Railroad conducter in 1850. She was extremmely prepared for any rescue mission and now she could finally go back south to save her family and many others.
  • The Fugitive Slave Law

    The Fugitive Slave Law
    The fugitive slave law is passed saying that any slave captured would be severely punished and the catcher would receive reward. Alos, anyone aiding a runaway slave would be imprisoned and severely punished. This made the united states even more dangerous for freed black people.
  • Discovers her husband was remarried

    Discovers her husband was remarried
    In 1852, Tubman returned back to the original plantation she had worked for to help her husband to the north. When she found him though, he had a new wife and was not intrested in leaving Maryland. Harriet was disapointed but this would not stop her from convincing other slaves on the plantation to flee with her to freedom.
  • William Lloyd burned a copy of the dec. of independance

    William Lloyd burned a copy of the dec. of independance
    This was a significant event because many black people at the ti,me beleivd that the decloration of independance was a lie saying that all man had certain rights and were created equal.
  • Meeting John Brown

    Meeting John Brown
    Harriet Tubman finally met John Brown. They had met and planned his famous raid on Harpers ferry. He was truely amazed by her coragous actions as an underground railroad conducter, and asked her to join him in the raid. (she was not able to due to an illness) After meeting she had said that he was the nicest white man she had ever met.
  • John Brown raids harpers ferry

    John Brown raids harpers ferry
    John Browns plan was finally put into action when he and some other recruits raided Harpers ferry. It was a genius idea but the consequences were severe. A couple years later, John Brown was hung.
  • Licoln elected president and cival war begins

    Licoln elected president and cival war begins
    Abraham Licoln was elected the 16th president of the united states by a split in the democratic arty. A few months later, the cival war begins by the south seceding. The south did not want to abolish slavery, and they were not going down with an easy fight.
  • The cival war

    The cival war
    Harriet and many other former black slaves had moved up to Canada to stay safe. But as soon as Harriet heard news of the cival war starting she was emedietly on her way to South Carolina to help the union. She served as a nurse, a scout, and even a spy! She was even the first american woman to lead an armed raid into enemy territory.
  • Cival war ends and Lincoln is assasinated

    Cival war ends and Lincoln is assasinated
    Lots seemed to happen in the year 1865. The cival war was ended and slavery was abolished when the unions victory was declared. Unfortunatly, this made people in the south very frustrated. Within the next couple of months, Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth. The south may have been satisfied, but we lost one of the most coragous presidents in our nations history that night.
  • Returned to Auburn

    Returned to Auburn
    After many year sof living in Canada, she decided to go to Auburn where she would make many significant contributions such as supporting more on womens rights and opening a home for old black former slaves. Auburn was also where she had rescued her parents.
  • 14th amendment grants citizenship to former slaves

    14th amendment grants citizenship to former slaves
    When the 14th amendment was passed, many black people moved back down to the united states from Canada. Although this was good news, former slaves were still treated with disrespect by many living in the south.
  • second marriage

    second marriage
    Years ago when she had traveled back to her husband to try and help him, she had foundn that he had remarried. Years later she met Nelson Davis, whoom she ended up marrying. He was a much better husband than John Tubman. However, Harriet is still remembered by her last name she had with John Tubman.
  • Gertie Davis

    Gertie Davis
    Harriet and Nelson adopt a baby girl who they name Gertie. Tubman loved and cherished her daughter who was very obedient and well manured. She was brought up in Auburn, New york where her parents had lived for quite a while.
  • Congress passes the cival rights acts

    Congress passes the cival rights acts
    The cival rights acts ar every important to our nation because without it equality would be forgotten and the bad judgment towards african americans would probably still be happening today.
  • Railroads must have higher rates

    Railroads must have higher rates
    At this time, the interstate commerce act was passed requiring railroads to charge rates to passengers and special deals were not allowed to be given to preferred customers.
  • The harriet tubman home was founded and a plaque was made

    The harriet tubman home was founded and a plaque was made
    Harriet Tubman finally founded the Harriet Tubman home which was meant for former and retired old slaves along with herslef. She was almost ninety at this time. The home was in Auburn where it still is today in memory of her. Also you willl find a plaque in Auburn near where her home is honoring her eat work over the many years.
  • Harriet Tubman dies

    Harriet Tubman dies
    Harriet Tubman died on March 10th due to a bad case of phemonia. At age 91, she was old and had done unbeleivably coragous for our country. She had spent almost her whole life working to save hundreds of black slaves and she even participated in the cival war. She was a strong american woman who will not be forgotten for her acts of bravery.