Harriet Tubman

  • Born

    Harriet Tubman was born at Dorchester county Maryland on the slave plantation of Chester Brodas.Brodas plantation Maryland was where she grew up and was taught how to be a slave.
  • Period: to

    harriets life span

  • First glimpse of slave resistance

    When Harriet was 13 she saw a male slave escape when his master started to chase him she stepped in his way just as he was throwing a two pound weight at the runaway it hit her in the fore head and knocked her unconscious. This influenced Harriet that escaping can be done.
  • married John Tubman

    Harriet never had kids with john because they would be born into slavery . Later they went their seperate ways because harriet wanted to escape to freedom . John remarried and they never spoke again.
  • Harriet makes her first trip on the under ground rail road to freedom

    Harriet went alone traveling north to each safe house createing the under ground rail road.
  • started to rescue and led slaves on underground Rail road

    She led hundreds of slaves and her family through out the south to the north to freedon . She had made 19 trips on foot alone and led all the slaves that she brought with to freedom. harriet never had anyone turn back or els she would be forced to kill them in fear of word getting out about the rail road.
  • Congress passed fugative slave law

    required all enforcement officials toto return fugative slaves to their owners. Wich led southern slave owners to persue runaway slaves in the north.
  • Met John Brown

    John Brown an abolitionist wanting to attack slavery and gather an army to demolish it. His Recruited Tubman for hiding places she used during her trips to hide the soldiers. Brown was captured and killed.
  • Harrriet settled down in Auburn New york

    Tubman was sold a peice of land from the former senator wiliam H. Seward. this is where Harriet made her family and spent the remainder of her free life.
  • Spoke in Boston at an anti slavry activist rallies

    Harriet spoke at these rallies hopeing to get across the measage of freedom. When she spoke white people herd a story of a brave black woman who escaped slavery and continues to risk her freedom and her life sacraficeing to led others to freedom.
  • Abraham lincoln elected president and civil war starts

    Tennsion rose with a new anti slavery president being elected.the north pushed to demolish slavery and the south pushed to become their own country and continue slavery and their normal way of life.
  • Tubman was asked to help with refuges in south carolina on a military base during the civil war

    Governor John Andrew sent for her during the civil war and asked her to go south with the army to help with refuges. She worked in a hospital as a nurse dressing wounds, treated with herbal remedies and comforted the sick.
    Harriet also at times during the civil war was a spy slipping behind enemy lines
  • Lincon issues emacipation proclomation

    all slaves are free
  • Harriet accompanied ex slave troops as a spy

    They planed to clear enemy mines up a river to to carry away as many slaves as possible on union gun boats. She sang songs of frredom as they saved over eight hundred slaves .
  • Civil war ends , lincon is assasinated and the 13th amendment was added to the constitution

    Lincon was assasinated by John wilks booth and the thirteenth amendment abolished slavery.
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    The Fourteenth amendment was added to the constitution and granted citizenship to former slaves.
  • Married Nelson Davis

    After the civil war she had found true love and married.
  • 15th amendment

    The Fithteenth amendment was added to the constitution i prohibited states from denying the right to vote because of race.
  • Harriet and Nelson adopted a baby girl

    Her name was Gertie and she was Harriets only child she never gave birth to a child of her own.
  • Hariet Tubman died

    Harriet Tubman was emitted to Massachusetts General hospital . Eventually She died of pneumonia Surrounded by loveing friends and family. She was burried with military honnors at fort hill cemetary in Auburn New York.