Harriet tubman 1895

Harriet Tubman

By VFB1893
  • Harriet was Born

    Harriet was Born
    Harriet was born in March 1822 in Dorchester County, Maryland. Harriet was born into slavery in Dorchester County. Harriet was beaten as a child by various masters. Harriet name as a child was Araminta Ross. Harriet had eight brothers and sisters as a child.
  • Harriet Marries John Tubman

    Harriet Marries John Tubman
    Around 1844, Harriet married John Tubman who was a freed black slave. The union was complicated with the slave status, if your mom is a slave her children were slaves that meant any kid coming from John and Harriet would be slaves. Soon after their marriage Harriet changed her name from Araminta to Harriet. The name Harriet was her mother’s name, she either did it because of religion or honor.
  • Harriet escaped from slavary

    Harriet escaped from slavary
    Harriet escaped from slavery at the age 27 in 1849. Harriet escaped from slavery to Philadelphia. Harriet immediately rescued her family in Maryland after escaping from slavery in 1849 in Philadelphia. Harriet rescued her relatives one at a time slowly. Harriet eventually helped dozens of slaves out of slavery into freedom. Harriet was nicknamed “Moses” because she never lost a passenger
  • Harriet reaction to 1850 fugitive slave act

    Harriet reaction to 1850 fugitive slave act
    Harriet was hated by slave owners and slave owners set out bounties for her and she was at one point put up a bounty for 30,000 dollars. In 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made Harriet guide Slaves further into the North to Canada. Harriet Helped slaves find jobs in the North that were newly freed.
  • Harriet Meets John Brown

    Harriet Meets John Brown
    In 1858 Harriet was introduced to John Brown who is an Abolitionist which was a person who advocated the use of violence to remove slavery in the United States. Harriet did not agree with violence verse white people but she agreed with his course of action and agreed and supported his goals. Like Harriet, John Brown spoke of being called by God, and trusted the divine to protect him from the fury of slaveholders
  • Harriet buys house in Auburn

    Harriet buys house in Auburn
    Harriet retired after the Civil War. Harriet bought a house in Auburn, New York in 1859 in a family home where she cared for her parents. Harriet bought the house from abolitionist Republican U.S Senator William H. Seward. The house costed Harriet 1,200 American dollars.
  • Harriet in the civil war

    Harriet in the civil war
    When the Civil war began, Harriet worked with the Union Army. Harriet first started working with the Union as a cook and Nurse. Later, Harriet was an armed scout and spy for the Union. Harriet was the first women to lead a weapon armed expedition in the Civil War, Harriet lead the Raid at Combahee Ferry, which lead to freeing more than seven hundred slaves.
  • Harriets last rescue mission

    Harriets last rescue mission
    Harriet conducted her last rescue mission was in November in 1860, throughout the 1850s, Tubman had been unable to effect the escape of her sister and Rachel's two children, Ben and Angerine. After returning to Dorchester County, Harriet discovered that Rachel had died, and the children could be rescued only if she could pay a US$30 bribe. Harriet had no money, so the children remained enslaved. Later Harriet and a team rescued the children, they were rescued on December 28, 1860.
  • Harriet Donates her land

    Harriet Donates her land
    In the twentieth century Harriet became involved with the African Methodist Zion Church in Auburn. In 1903, Harriet donated a pieces real estate she owned to the church. Harriet wanted the donation under the instruction that it be made into a home for aged and indigent colored people.
  • Harriet Tubman dies

    Harriet Tubman dies
    Harriet Tubman died on March 10, 1913. Harriet died in Auburn, New York around Age 90-91. Harriet died of pneumonia and rests in Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, New York as she will be always remembered an American hero