Frederick douglass

Frederick Douglass Timeline

  • Frederick Douglass is Born

    Frederick Douglass is Born
  • Frederick Douglass Moves

    Frederick Douglass Moves
    Frederick Douglass is sent to move to Baltimore with Hugh Auld and his wife. His mother also dies earlier in the year.
  • Frederick Douglass learns to read

    Frederick Douglass learns to read
    Sophia Auld, Hugh Auld's wife, teaches Frederick Douglass how to read until Hugh Auld stops them, claiming that Douglass knowing how to read will only make him want to run away. Hearing this, Douglass is even more interested in learning to read.
  • Practices

    Frederick Douglass works in a shipyard from 1829-1830. While working here, he has the oppurtunity to practice reading and writing which he takes.
  • Frederick Douglass Finds Out

    Frederick Douglass Finds Out
    Frederick Douglass reads John Quincy Adam's anti-slavery protests in the newspaper; encourages him to stand up for his rights; this is when the idea of escaping first starts forming in his mind.
  • Sent to Work for Thomas Auld

    Sent to Work for Thomas Auld
    Frederick Douglass has to go and work for Thomas Auld. He tries to teach other slaves to read until Thomas Auld stops him.
  • Hired to work

    Hired to work
    Frederick Douglass is hired to work for Willima Freeland, a Talbot County Maryland farmer. He also secretly organizes Sunday School and teaches other slaves to read.
  • Douglass Caught

    Douglass Caught
    Frederick Douglass makes an escape plan but then gets caught. He is foced to work for Sophia and Hugh Auld. He has to work as a caulker and the knowlwdge he learns there helps him escape slavery 2 years later.
  • Frederick Douglass meets His Love

    Frederick Douglass meets His Love
    Frederick Douglass joins the East Baltimore Mental Improvement Society. There, he meets an African American woman named Anna Murray who is free.
  • Frederick Douglass Succeeds

    Frederick Douglass Succeeds
    Frederick Douglass uses a free black man's papers and escapes to New York and changes his last name to Johnson.
  • Marries

    Frederick Douglass marries Anna Murray. They stay with caterers Mary and Nathan Johnson. Nathan encourages them to change their last name to Douglas, and Frederick decides to, adding 2 s's at the end.
  • Inspiration

    Frederick Douglass subscribes to William Lloyd Garrison's abolitionist weekly THE LIBERATOR. He learns about a speaking and hears Garrison speaking in April. He gets the inspiration to speak about rights from this.
  • First Public Speaking

    First Public Speaking
    Frederick Douglass speaks at an anti-slavery meeting in Massachusetts. William Lloyd Garrison, who Douglass originally got his inspiration to speak, follows up with a speech of his own and is very impressed with Frederick Douglass. He is hired as a speaker and is closely allied with William Lloyd Garrison.
  • Struggles

    Frederick Douglass goes to speak at an anti slavery meeting in Pendleton Indiana. He gets beaten by a mob and suffers an injury in his right hand that he has to endure for the rest of his life.
  • Writes a Book

    Writes a Book
    Frederick Douglass publishes a book called "Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass". In it, he reveals secresta dn details that could lead to his arrest.
  • Meeting a New Cause

    Meeting a New Cause
    Frederick Douglass meets Susan B. Anthony while on a speaking tour. He later becomes a huge suppoter of women rights.
  • Pays his Owner Back

    Pays his Owner Back
    Frederick Douglass begins his tour of Great Britain and Ireland, lecturing about slavery. His English friends try to collect money to give to Hugh Auld to 'pay' for Douglass's freedom; Douglass is completely paid for after Hugh Auld recieves $711.66 in payment.
  • Joins a New Cause

    Joins a New Cause
    Frederick Douglass's daughter is asked to leave school because she is African-American; because of this, Douglass struggles to end segregation in school, a new cause.
  • Starts a Newspaper

    Starts a Newspaper
    Frederick Douglass uses the money raised for him by his English and Irish friends and starts a newspaper called the North Star. He continues publishing it until 1851.
  • Shelters

    Frederick Douglass starts sheltering escaped slaves fleeing North through the 'underground railroad'.
  • 2nd Book

    2nd Book
    Frederick Douglass publishes his second autobiography, "MY BONDAGE AND MY FREEDOM"