Harriet Tubman

  • Born

    Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland as a slave. She was the youngest out of eleven children.
  • Already working

    Already working
    Harriet Tubman was 5 years old and already working hard. She would work all day and night.
  • Killing

    Harriet was eleven when a group of black enemies killed 60 white people. Then over 30 blacks were hung for killing the white people.
  • Run away slave

    Run away slave
    Harriet Tubman was doing her work, and then all of the sudden there was a tall black man who sprinted away. A white man ran after, then without thinking Harriet followed closley behind. The white man told Harriet to help him beat the slave, but Harriet refused. Harriet then blocked the slave holder from beating the slave. With Harriet in his way the white man threw a heavy object at the run away slave, but missed. He nailed Harriet right in the head.
  • Seperated

    The owner of the slaves died. The slaves were afraid of losing their families.Though Harriet had already lost a sister and a brother, and she didn't want to lose the rest of her family.
  • Strong

    After months and months of cleaning cloths and making beds she wanted to work in the feild. She asked the commander and he said yes. The reason he said yes because he thought that she was strong, and hard working. She was also capable of doing the work.
  • First love

    First love
    Harriet wanted to run away but didn't because she fell in love with John Tubman. John was different from most people Harriet knew, he could read, write, and had education. John was born free.
  • Married

    Harriet Tubman married John. They loved each other very much.
  • Supposed to be free

    Supposed to be free
    Harriets mother was sold. Her mother shouldn't have been sold because once you are 45 you are free. Harriet was also free (legally) but nothing could be done.
  • Dream

    Harriet told John about her dream. He told her if she tried to run away he would tell a slave holder, and she would be brought back.
  • Running away

    Hrriet couldn't take it any longer she was going to run away. After John fell asleep Harriet ran far into the woods. she found a house and a woman told her how to get to the north. Harriet soon went on the Underground railroad. Harriet finally was free.
  • Help others

    Help others
    Harriet went back to Maryland and helped more and more slaves run away.
  • The second help

    The second help
    Harriet decided to go a second time and free the slaves a second time.
  • Kept saving

    Kept saving
    For the third time Harriet went to save more and more slaves.
  • 4th time

    4th time
    It was her 4th time and last time.
  • 75 slaves

    75 slaves
    Harriet saved over 75 greatful slaves who were working hard and wanted to run away and Hariet helped them.
  • Period: to

    Civil war

    Harriet Tubman helped in the Civil War by cleaning, cooking, and other things.
  • Spy and scout

    Harriet was a spy and scout for the army.
  • 2nd marrige

    2nd marrige
    she married Nelson Davise he would support her every time
  • Dead

    Sadly Nelson Davise died at age 62. Harriet was devastated.
  • Dead

    Harriet died at age 93. Every one rembered her as a great person who helped lots of slaves. One of her best accomplishments was she never gave up.