Douglas frederick

Frederick Douglass

By jls5903
  • Birth of Frederick Douglass

    Birth of Frederick Douglass
    Born to mother, Harriet Bailey (a slave) and rumored father Aaron Anthony (slave master.) in Talbot County Maryland.
  • Period: to

    Douglass lives with Grandmother because his own mother is a slave

  • Escape from Slavery for good

    Escape from Slavery for good
    Douglass borrows papers from an already free sailor and changes his last name to "Johnson"
  • Marries Anna Murray

    Marries Anna Murray
    Wedding perfomed by a fellow slave escaper
  • Anna and Frederick's baby Rosetta is born

    Anna and Frederick's baby Rosetta is born
    Frederick also becomes a a liscensed preacher for an African church in Massachusetts.
  • Son Lewis Henry is born

    Son Lewis Henry is born
  • Period: to

    Speaking out in Massachusetts

    the people listening like him so much that they hire him as a speaker.
  • Son Frederick is born

    Son Frederick is born
  • Period: to

    Anti-Slavery Meeting

    After speaking out against slavery a mob beats Frederick Douglass leaving him with a broken right hand which never heals
  • Son Charles Remond born

    Son Charles Remond born
  • Period: to

    Narrative number one is written

    His narrative includes information that could lead him to be arrested for escaping as a slave He meets Susan B. Anthony which leads him to get interested in Women's Rights as well
  • Period: to

    Douglass starts sheltering escapees from the Underground Railroad

  • Daughter Annie is Born

    Daughter Annie is Born
    Frederick also hires a tutor during this month in an effort to teach Anna to read, but it doesnt work
  • Period: to

    Second Narrative written: "My Bondage and My Freedom"

  • Period: to

    Ottilie Assing

    A german tutor and journalist that Douglass hired, They had an "affair" but it was never kept secret. She tutored his kids and tried to tutor Anna Murray. Upon Anna's death, Ottilie thought that Douglass would marry her, but instead he married Helen Pitts, this struck her hard.
  • Period: to

    Starts writing 'Douglass Monthly' paper

  • Period: to

    Daughter Annie Dies

    Frederick is devestated and this happens to delay his efforts and works
  • Period: to

    Lincoln elected president

    Douglass is happy about this because lincoln respects africans!
  • Meets with Abraham Lincoln about unfair treatment of African Americans

    Meets with Abraham Lincoln about unfair treatment of African Americans
  • Lincoln meets with Douglass (again)

    Lincoln meets with Douglass (again)
    Douglass brings up the matter to get Lincoln to help slaves escape to the North
  • LIncoln assasinated

    Him and Douglass actually had a bond and were together against slavery so thisn was hard for Douglass
  • Death of Anna Murray

    Death of Anna Murray
    Anna Murray, Douglass' wife of 44 years suffers a stroke and dies, Douglass goes into depression after this
  • Period: to

    Marries Helen Pitts

    Marries his secretary Helen Pitts, a white woman 20 years younger than him. Both her and his family stop talking to them because they feel the marriage isn't right.
  • Period: to

    Ottilie Assing Commits suicide

    After Douglass married Helen Pitts, Ottilie Assing (his lover of 26 years) commited suicide because he didn't marry her.
  • Period: to

    Douglass Hopes to Open Factory

    Wants to establish "Freedom Manufacturing Co." where he hopes to hire 200-300 black men and women to work to show them they have a choice in what work they do rather than just being slaves.
  • Death of Frederick Douglass

    Death of Frederick Douglass
    Dies of a massive heart attack after speaking for women's rights. He is brought to Rochester and buried next to his daughter Rosetta. His death stunned and devestated people all over because he had worked so hard for the rights of billions of people.