Frederick Douglass

  • Birth

    Sometime between the year 1818 and 1819 Frederick Douglass was born. He said that he was born around havesting season which is about October. He had older and younger siblings but they didn't seem like family. That's all because when he was born he was bought as a slave. He also greww up as a slave in Talbot country, Maryland.
  • Period: to

    Birth to death

  • Moves to Baltimore

    Douglass was sent to live with the Hugh Auld family. He was still a small child though so he did not do a lot of yard labor. Instad the master had him tend to his son's needs. He was basically the care taker of the child. This wasn't that bad a job compared to what other people had to do. But it was a hard job for him because he was only 8 years old.
  • Learning

    During the year Frederick asked Sophia Auld to teach him the alphabet and basic writing skills. There was a few lessons but they did not last long. Hugh Auld stopped the lessons completely because he didn't feel good about them. He thought that when slaves learn it makes them rebillious and sneaky. And he didn't want any of his slaves running away.
  • Covey

    In 1834 Frederick Douglass was hired out to Edward Covey. Covey was a slave breaker, which meant he would spend 6 months with slave and break their spirit of freedom. He and a lot of other masters thought that slaves should just accept slavery. The only reason they thought that was because they didn't think it was going to be abolished. So Edward Covey made sure that after the slaves left that place they weren't running away.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    Frederick Douglass just can't take slavery anymore. He doesn't want to work like this and he thinks it's a huge injustice. So he carefully plans out an escape. While he works during the day he finds places that will help in his escape. So he finally does it he doesn't return to the house after the day and he runs away. The master thinks he won't survive. He thinks he'll get hungry and come crawling back, but he doesn't. He even manages to get a new identity and live on his own.
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    His Work

    In 1836 Douglass escaped slavery. After his escape he tried to look normal so he got a job to work as a caulker in a shipyard.There were other black workers but they were not happy because the white workers refused to work with them. Even though there was no slavery in the north there was discrimination. So it was kinda hard for them to work together.
  • His Lady

    While working in the shipyard Frederick meets many people. Out of everyone he takes a lot of interest in one woman. Her name is Anna Murray. She is a free black woman and she takes interest in him too. They fall in love with eachother and soon marry happily.
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    Over the years Frederick Douglass has three children with his wife. It's three boys, Lewis Henry, Frederick Douglass Jr., and Charles Ramond. So now he has a real family. He has a wife and three boys.
  • Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony
    Susan B. Anthony attract Frederick Douglass and Anna Murray. She moved their family to Rochester, New York to help her with the fight for women's rights. Susan B. Anthony leaded the fight while Frederick and Annajust helped out. They did this by speaking out and having marches about women equality.
  • Death

    Frederick Douglass just attendend an important meeting the night of Febuary 20, 1895. As he walked down the hallway he was hyped up and peppy. So i guess his 77 year old body couldn't take it and he had an instant heart attack. It was a devestating one too. He was there laying in the hallway dead. One of the great people of the United States died from so much joy.