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Frederick Douglass' Life on a Timeline

  • Frederick Bailey is born...

    Frederick Bailey is born...
    Fredrick Bailey (later on in life Frederick Bailey changes his name to Frederick Douglass) is born a slave in February 14, 1818 in Tuckahoe, near Hillsborough, about 12 miles from Easton, in Talbot county Maryland. His mother is Harriet Bailey, and it is predicted that his father was his first master. Caption Anthony.
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    Frederick Douglass' Life on a Timeline

  • Frederick Learns to Read and Write

    Frederick Learns to Read and Write
    Frederick is sent to Baltimore to work for Hugh Auld. Mrs. Auld,
    Hugh's wife, was very nice as she did not know how to own a
    slave. She taught Frederick how to read the alphabet and write
    simple words. But when Mr. Auld found out, he ended Fredericks learning immediatley. He told Mrs. Auld that if you teach a slave to read and write, they could read what was said of them, they would be uncontent. So Frederick had to trick the poor neighborhood white boys to teach him in exchange for bread.
  • Frederick Fails a Escape

    Frederick Fails a Escape
    Frederick Bailey tries and fails to escape to the North. He was going to travel in a group, but someone in the group betrayed them. Frederick and four of the group mmbers are sent to jail. They all get sold before Frederick is, and Hugh Auld buys him.
  • Frederick Douglass Marries for the First Time

    Frederick Douglass Marries for the First Time
    Douglass meets Anna Murray, a free African-American, in Baltimore while he was still held in slavery. They were married soon after he obtained his freedom, on September 15 1838. The adopted the married name of Johnson to hide Douglass' identity. Anna and Frederick settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which had a thriving free black community. There, they adopted Douglass as their married name.
  • Speaks out Against Slavery for the First Time

    Speaks out Against Slavery for the First Time
    Douglass was invited by William Coffin, the general agent for the Massachusetts Antislavery Society, to speak at a convention in Nantucket organized by leading abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison was the founder of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and editor of the Liberator. He started narrating particular incidents of his life in slavery, the audeince as very impressed and William Garrison,who did not hesitate in offering him a job as an agent for the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery
  • Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

    Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    Frederick Douglass published his first book in 1845. His publishing company was Dover Publications, Inc. He wrote about what his experience was of being a slave, and how he escaped. Although, he was unable to write how he escaped with a lot of detail, because slavery was still legal wen he published his book.
  • Starts "The North Star"

    Starts "The North Star"
    He began writing theabolitionist paper The North Star in Rochester, NY, and developed it into the most influential black antislavery paper published at the time. It was used to not only denounce slavery, but to fight for the emancipation of women and other oppressed groups. Its motto was "Right is of no Sex - Truth is of no Color - God is the Father of us all, and we are all brethren." It was circulated to more than 4,000 readers in the United States, Europe, and the West Indies.
  • Douglass Meets with Lincon

    Douglass Meets with Lincon
    After 8 years of alliance Douglass broke with Garrison because he had developed a different view of abolition by influencing policy and not just public opinion. Douglass met with President Lincoln and consulted him on the political issue of slavery.
  • Frederick Douglass Marries Again

    Frederick Douglass Marries Again
    Two years after Anna Douglass' death, Frederick Douglass marries Helen Pitts. There was lots of controversey with their marriage, as not only was she white, but she was at least 20 years younger than he was. Despite the fact that Helen's parents, Gideon and Jane Pitts, were abolitionists, they were against the marriage because Douglass was the son of a white father and a black mother.Helen and Frederick were married 11 years until he died.
  • Frederick Douglass' Death

    Frederick Douglass' Death
    Douglass attended a meeting of the National Council of Women in Washington, D.C. Shortly after returning home, Frederick Douglass died of a massive heart attack or stroke. He was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York.