Frederick Douglass

By warden
  • The Day he was born

    The Day he was born
    In Tuckahoe Maryland around 1817 Frederick Douglass was born. His mother Harriet Bailey was a African American while his father was an unknown white man. This is significant because if this had never happened he would not have been born. It was the first day of his life of slavery the start of everything. This is like when any famous figure in American history was born. No one knew their child would grow up to do good or horrible things. Like Bennidect Arnold who was a traitor to America.
  • To Learn

    To Learn
    Douglass was seperated from his family in 1825. He was sent to work in Baltimore as house servent. Thats where his Misstress Sophia Auld started to teach him to read and to write. Then his master found out and became very angry. That made Sophia realize that a slave dosen't need to learn but it was too late Douglass had a hunger for knowlage. He began trading bread for reading and writing lessons to hungry people.
  • To Learn (Cotinued)

    To Learn (Cotinued)
    He was taught to read and write was his start for his hunger for knowlage. This helped him in his later life because he became an abolitionist orator. Whithout the ability to read and write he may not have been as a effective speaker. Or able to read and write. This reminds me of how my grandma use to let us draw on her artist paper. Then we moved back to Minnesota and then she passed away but since then I enjoyed art and art class.
  • Becoming Free

    Becoming Free
    Frederick Douglass escaped slavey by using the papers of a free African American sailor in 1838. If anyone looked closely they wouldv'e realised it wasn't him but he made into freedom. That was him escaping the brutality of slavery and risking being brought back and punished. This Is like Iqbal Masih(11) who spoke out againstlt child labor in the world, he escaped his own problems in child labour like Douglass escaped slavery, then they both turned around and spoke out against it.
  • Impressing William Lloyd Garrison

    Impressing William Lloyd Garrison
    In 1841 Douglass was called to speak at an abolitionist meeting in Nantucket, Massachusetts. He impressed the abolitionist leader William Lloyd Garrison so much that he was asked to become a Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society agent. Douglass became one of the abolition movement's star orators. He traveled throughout the North to lecture to huge audiences. He had such an eloquence on the platform, people sometimes questioned if he was really a slave.
  • Impressing William Lloyd Garrison (Coninued)

    Impressing William Lloyd Garrison (Coninued)
    Fredericak Douglass having his first speach on people's rights and then impressing Garrison is a lot like Jackie Robinsons's story. He had a once in a life time chance to make a big change. Also they both impressed someone who was umoressed in their skill and wanted to see it continue and grow. Jackie Robinson and Frederick Douglass share the fact that their work caused them to be more into proples right.
  • Autobiographies and buying Freedom

    Autobiographies and buying Freedom
    In 1845 Douglass published a book called the Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass. He then later eith teo others published My Bondage and My Freedom and The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass. The series contained so much facutal information on slavery and how it displayed how slavery broke the master's and slave's spirit. This is a singnificant event in his lfe because he showedpeople who have never expierenced slavery to see it through a story.
  • Autobiographies and buying freedom (continued)

    Autobiographies and buying freedom (continued)
    He had to leave the ocuntry because of the book in fear of being returned to slavery, but this caused two of his english friend to buy him his freedom from his old master. This is like the biography of Anne Frank. Her book today and since it's release has showed people of what Jews had gone through. There are also so many books that show and depict the lives of Jews during the holocaust. Like historical fiction books Number the Stars and Boy in the striped pajamas. All the storys show rough life