Young frederick

Frederick Douglass

By brianne
  • Frederick was born

    Frederick was born
    Frederick was born some time around 1818 to Harriet Bailey who was a black slave. His father was a white man and it was assumed to be his master but htat was never confirmed. His name at birth was Frederick Bailey.
  • Period: to

    Captain Anthony

    Captain Anthony was Frederick's first master and thought to be his father. Captain Anthony was a cruel man who violently beat his slaves and had an overseer who brutally beat people with his whip. Frederick witnessed Captain Anthoney savagely whipping his aunt. Frederick was never himself beaten
  • Period: to

    Master Hugh Auld

    Left Colonel Lloyd’s and went to his previous master (Captain Anthony) son-in-law’s brother’s house to live (Captain Anthony’s son-in-law was named Captain Thomas Auld). His new master and mistress were Hugh & Sophia Auld. They lived in Baltimore and Frederick had to take a boat down the Chesapeake Bay to get there. The Auld's also had a son named Thomas that was to be taken care of by Frederick. Sophia Auld was also the first white women to ever be kind to him.
  • Mother died

    Frederick's mother Harriet Bailey died when he was about 7 years old. He had been seperated from his mother as an infant and had only met his mother a total of 4-5 times in his life and was never told who his father was. As a child he lived with his grandmother on his masters farm. He was unable to see his mother during the time that she was sick and dying and was also unable to attend her funeral.
  • Learned ABC'S

    Learned ABC'S
    His new mistress Sophia Auld taught him his abc's for the first time in his life and taught him a bit about making short 3 or 4 letter words before her husband but an abrupt stop to Frederick's learning because he said learning can corrupt the best slaves. Sophia not long after “under the influence of slavery” became a demon full of rage
  • Gradmother dies

    Frederick's grandmother died she was born a slave and died a slave even though she served her master until he died.
  • Taught how to read

    Taught how to read
    Frederick made friends with some white boys that lived near and got them to help him learn how to read without his masters permission. Frederick after learning how to read found the book "The Columbian Orator" and learned for the first time the word abolitionist meant. The book was a turning point in Frederick's life.
  • Taught himself to write

    Frederick taught himself how to write by using his master's son's old copy-book that he used at school. Frederick used the little space left in the book for him to keep copying out the words and sentances in the book. He kept practicing till his writing was the same as Thomas'.
  • Period: to

    Edward Covey

    Sent to live with Edward Covey who had a strong reputation for breaking in slaves
  • Fight with Edward Covey - Slave Breaker

    Fight with Edward Covey - Slave Breaker
    Mr. Covey was mean and had a reputation for breaking slaves in. Frederick resolved to fight Mr. Covey and did so for over 2 hours Mr. Covey never laid a hand on him again in the next 6 months that he was living there. This was a turning point as it revived his desire to be free. The fight was also not reported because Mr. Covey thought that it would ruin his reputation.
  • Resolved to Escape

    Frederick resolved that in 1835 that he would try to secure his liberty and was determined to find a means for escape.
  • Escape foiled

    Escape foiled
    Frederick and a few of the other slaves living on his masters decieded that they would make their great escape near easter but their plan was discovered and all the men were immediately taken to jail for attempting to escape.
  • Back to Baltimore

    Hugh Auld took Frederick out of jail after he was caught escaping and brought him back to Baltimore. Mr. Auld sent him out to work as a calker with a ship builder for 8 months. He left there after he got into a fight with the other workers who were white that said they would no longer work with a coloured person.
  • Mr. Walter Price

    Worked for a year at a ship yard for Mr. Walter Price as a calker and learned how to use a mallet and irons. Within one year he was able to command the highest wages and sought his own employment.
  • Free in New York City

    Free in New York City
    Fredericks's plans of escaping had finally worked and he made it to New York City a free man.
  • Moves to New Bedford

    Moves to New Bedford
    Frederick and his new wife Anna a freed black slave move to New Bedford to start a new life together as free people.
  • Spoke at Convention

    Speaks at an anti-slavery meeting and is well received by the crowd
  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Doulgass

    Published the book the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass