Federick douglass

Frederick Douglass Timeline

  • Frederick is born

    Frederick is born
    Frederick was born in February of 1818. Most people don't really know what day he was born on though. He was born as Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. He was born as a slave in Tuckahoe,Talbot County, Maryland. His mother was also a slave named Harriet Baily. His father was rumored to be a white man and his master.
  • Frederick makes an escape in 1836.

    In 1836, Frederick makes an escape from slavery. Later, his plan was discovered and he was put in jail. It was soon when he was released out of jail. He was sent back to work for Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore. He was then hired out to work as a caulker in a Baltimore shipyard. The knowledge he gains there helps him escape slavery two years later.
  • The escape to New York

    After two years of gaining knowledge, Frederick escapes out of Baltimore. He borrows paper from a free black sailor to get through his plans. After he got the papers he escaped slavery to New York. When he gets to New York he changes his last name to Johnson.After he was free he marries Anna Murray a couple days later.
  • Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.

    Publishes Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.
    In 1845 Frederick Douglass publishes his book called Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. In the book he describes somethings can leave to him being arrested, because he was a fugitive slave. He soon meets Susan B. Anthony while he's on a speaking tour. Later he becomes a champion of women's rights. He begins tour of Great Britain and Ireland, speaking with abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison about slavery.People soon raise money to "purchase" his freedom. That makes him a free man.
  • Frederick Douglass moves back to the states

    Frederick Douglass moves back to the states
    In 1847 Frederick Douglass came back to the United States. He moved to Rochester, New York. With the money his English and Irish friends raised for him he buys a printing press. He begins to publish the abolitionist weekly North Star. He continues publishing it until 1851.
  • 1848: Frederick is a big help

    In 1848 he helped alot of people. He participated in the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. He wanted to help the women get what they want and have equavilant rights to everyone else. Later on he meets and becomes acquaintance with abolitionist John Brown. Frederick begins to free the slaves north by using the underground railroad.His daughter, Rosetta, is asked to leave school, because she was African-American. Douglass begans to protest against segregation.
  • North Star with Gerrit Smith's

    Merges North Star with Gerrit Smith's Liberty Party Paper to form Frederick Douglass' Paper (printed until 1860). He agrees with Smith that the Constitution is an antislavery document, reversing his earlier thoughts that it was proslavery, an opinion he had shared with William Lloyd Garrison. This change of opinion, as well as some political differences, create a rift between Douglass and Garrison. Douglass begins tohave interest in his independence in the antislavery movement.
  • A Big Change

    On January 1, the Emancipation Proclamation freed tons of slaves. Abraham had written this to free the slaves that were the states called "the rebellion". In February,Douglass becomes a recruiter for the 54th Massachusetts Infantry and the first regiment of African-American soldiers. His sons Lewis and Charles joins the regiment. Eventually his son Frederick Douglass Jr. becomes an army recruiter,too.
  • Douglass marries Helen Pitts

    Douglass marries Helen Pitts. Helen was white woman who had been his secretary when he was recorder of deeds. The interacial marriage alot of among the Douglasses' friends, family, and the public. Alot of people had alot of disagreements aout this event. Later on, Douglass tours Europe and Africa with his new wife.
  • Frederick's death

    Frederick's death
    Frederick spoke at a meeting of the National Council of Women in Washington, D.C. When he got home he told his wife what happened at the speech. During that time he had a sign of heart failure. He was pronouced dead. That was the life of Frederick Douglass.