Radio History~ Joseph Cabal

  • Marconi my man

    Marconi successfully made the first radio transmiter. This wasn't the first radio show or music on the radio. It was the first successful wireless transmission.
  • Titanic affected by radio

    The Titanic sank and if it wasn't for radio eveyone would've died. They radioed for help and they sent help immediatley. To bad they couldn't save Jack!
  • First radio station

    The first radio station was aired. It was the 8XK station but was later renamed KDKA. This station is still broadcasting to this day.
  • Advertising? What's that?

    The first advertisment was a 10 minute ad. They paid $50 for the time they were on air. That was a bit of money back in those days.
  • Golden Era

    The golden era was when the radio became super popular. People would save up all their money just to afford one. The shows on air were usually Family Mediums meaning the entire family could enjoy.
  • FM discovered

    FM radio was discovered. They realized that AM radio wasnt good for music broadcasting but was okay for voice. So that's when FM was dedicated to music and AM to talking.