Radio history

  • Marconi

    • An Italian inventor • First person to send and receive radio signal• Was the first or was it a case of good PR
  • Period: to

    radio history

  • audion tube

    audion tube
    • In 1906 Lee De Forest created or borrowed the audion tube, a vacuum tube that amplified signals• It amplifies and makes a radio signal go farther than it normally would without about 4 times more
  • first Radio staion

     first Radio staion
    • 1920 a radio station called kdka created by Frank Conrad • Still around today broadcasting in Pittsburgh
  • the dawn of advertising

    the dawn of advertising
    • In 1922 WEAF aired a 10-minute ‘commercial’ or toll broadcast, for an apartment complex charging 50.
  • call letters

    call letters
    • W is east of the Mississippi river• K is west of the Mississippi river
  • AM waves

    AM waves
    • Amplitude modulation- changing the amp of the wave or the height• 535KHz - 605 KHz
  • Fm waves

    Fm waves
    • Frequency modulation- change frequency• 88 – 108 MHz
  • Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie
    • Was too popular• Established FRC in 1927• Organize the licensing of transmitters• Assigning radio station frequencies, call letters, and power limits
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    • the 30’s and 40’s• Middle of the Great Depression- people were hurtin’ for $$$$$$!• Provide an escape for people
  • family medium

    family medium
    • The entire family can enjoy it together
    • Big band music/story hour/situational comedies/dramas
  • radio's demise

    • TV makes appereance in the late 30’s
    • As popularity grew, advertisers went to TV
    • Radio lost money, radio show jumped ship
    • “TV will do to radio what the car did to horses
  • music

    • Jukeboxes• Records • Live concerts
  • radio progression

    • Major Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter, which made for a stronger signal and higher quality sound. Listeners were forced to buy new radio sets• Talk on AM• Music on FM
  • radio vs.

    radio vs.
    • Pandora
    • Spotify
    • YouTube
    • ITunes
    • Last FM
    • Sirius xm