Radio History 1895-2015

  • Marconki

    He was an italian inventor who sent and recieved the first radio signals. He Invented radio basically He sent a signal wirelessly.
  • First Radio Factory

    Marconi opened the first radio factory, of Hall Street in Chelmsford, England. He employed around 50 people giving the job opportunities.
  • Lee De Forest

    Lee De Forest created the audio tube. A vacum tube that amplified signals. But it also wasnt his idea at first when the invention first began.
  • Radio Stations

    8xk, was later renamed KDKA. The radio station is still around toda\y in Pittsburg, Pennsylvsnia.
  • Dawn Advertising

    In 1922 WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial or toll broadcast for an apartment complex who charged $50. Radios make money on commercials.
  • First Sermon

    In California, Joseh Franklin Rutherford transmitted hs first radio Sermon
  • New Programs

    first known new program was first broadcasted by 8MK, the unliscenced predecessor of WWJ in Detroit, Michigan
  • televison

    standard analog television transmissions started in North America and Eruope