Radio History

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Guglielmo Marconi, an italian inventor, invented the first radio signal. He sent and recieved it but it was not at al a sound or noise of any sort. Some say he did not invent it, because of his Good PR. He is who made it possible today fpr us to have radio.
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Call letttes were given to all radio stations and TV stations to help people identify their desired channels. This was enforeced because of the confusion between Radio stations and Tv stations and Unlce Charlies'. All west of the Mississippi are K and east of the Mississsippi River are W.
  • The Audion Tube

    The Audion Tube
    The Audion Tube, an amplifier, was creadted in 1906. Anyone who now has a "sysem" in their car has an amplifier (contaning the tube), which amps the singal frequency to 1000 Watts. Reginald Fessenden actually came up with the idea, but he didn't seem to make it into the books for that invention.The Audion tube is crucial, otherwise, you would crash your system.
  • First Radio Station

    It took almost 25 years to make the 1st radio station. The radio stationwas called, 8XK, but later named KDKA. It still plays today in Pittsburg, Pensylvania.
  • Personal Radio Stations

    Uncle Charlie is a term for personal radio stations. At the time, it was easy to have your own station. This made it hard for companies because, everyone wanted a radio station. Radio and TV would be nothing without commercials.
  • FRC Starts

    FRC Starts
    Uncle Carlie was too popular, to where people where getting other stations instead of the desired radio station, and commecrials were not getting payed becuase of this. So the FRC (Federal Radio Commison) took effect. FRC stopped Uncle Charlies and organized the licensing transmitters and assigned each radio station a call letter.
  • The Golden Era

    The Golden Era
    The radio was now a popular thing. Reginald Fessenden brodcasted a radio station playing violin and bible passages. Everyone listened due to the factthere was war, and this was around the time of The Great Depression. People would turn on radios and forget about all that was going on. A person wold save up for a radio, if their washer or stove broke, instead of fixing the problem.
  • The Munich Crisis

    The Munich Crisis
    Benes brodactsed to the world an appeal for calm and peace. Benes asked the Czech people to be "firm and have faith in our state, in its health and its strength, in the indestructible spirit and devotion of its people."
  • War of the World (radio drama)

    War of the World (radio drama)
    It started as Holloween, radio drama. Orson Wells diredted it, and it becamse an change of the H.G. Wells' classic novel War of the Worlds(1998). It lasted on 60 minutes and it frightened about disaster the people ho listened, which is what made it popular.
  • D-Day

    This day began the invasion of the European continent through France by the Allied Expeditionary Force. This lead to the fall of Nazi Germany on the French Coast. Radio journalism was ready for the invasion. Since it was known that an invasion would be happening, the networks were ready to tell America the events that would happen on this day.
  • Shows on Air!

    Shows on Air!
    People had grown so fond of the radio, there were now shows being played. Of course, there was no TV around! The shows played were: Amos n Andy, Gunsmoke, The Shadow (played by Orson Wells), Our Miss Brooks, and Superman.
  • Radio Vs. Tv

    Radio Vs. Tv
    The TV was not so popular when it started out, but many wanted to watch it. It applaed more on radio, becuase you have fun visualising many chararcters. It was misleading if an acter had an squeaky voice and was really big or changed.
  • First Black Boadcating Station

    First Black Boadcating Station
    WCES, held the first Black Radio personality AL Benson. He usually talked for a few minuted then played 60 minutes of tunes and songs. He is considered the Godfather of Black Radio.
  • FM and AM

    FM and AM
    The first FM radio station, WGFM was invented. This was the dya FM and AM stations got their on lanes. IF you wanted to hear talk you would go to AM, and if you wanted to listen to music you would go to FM. Each modulation had a diffencence in a hieght change or space change.