• creation of telecommunication

  • capability of transmiting signals long distances

  • use of wireless telegraphy for commercial, military and marine use

  • Marconi establishes 1st transatlantic radio communications services

  • Charles David Herrold created the first broadcasting station

  • wireless telegraphy has become universal on large ships

    after the titanic sank wireless telegraphy became universal for saftey percautions
  • Harold Power- American Radio and Research Company

    broadcasted first dail schedual with radio dance programms, university lectures, weather and bedtime stories
  • Hanso Schotanus created the first regular entertainment wireless broadcast

  • 9xm radio

    university of Wisconsin schedualed a regular broadcast of voice and music radio show. This radio show still runs today
  • FM Radio created

    FM radio patented by Edwin H. Armstrong
  • introduction of pocket radio

    Regency introduced the first pockety transistor radio
  • Sony pocket radio introduced

    sony introduces their first transistor radio
  • first radio communication satelite

    communication satelite Telstar launched
  • Loran is now known as the premier radio navigation system

  • Digital Transmissions

    Digital transmissions began applying to broadcasting