Picture of thriller

Question 7

  • Research

    We research the Thriller genre, using a range of information, to build up our knowledge of Thrillers and how they are constructed.
  • Formed groups

    Formed groups
    We formed groups for our preliminary excerise, working in a group was a new experience. We all contributed listening to each others ideas, forming one group idea. We all assigned each other roles, that would have the best outcome for the group.
  • Preliminary exercise

    Preliminary exercise
    After forming groups. We then filmed a preliminary excerise, this was a introduction to the concepts and practial continunity of filming and editing.
  • Excerise evaluation

    The excerise went well. Obviously being new to the camera and the concepts, we did notice problems, that we would correct for the real opening title sequence. The excerise wasn't only about the filming, it also involved planning and group delegation, these were extra skills we need to learn.
  • Opening Title Sequence - initial ideas planning

    Opening Title Sequence - initial ideas planning
    This is when we started to plan our opening title sequence. Because of the preliminary excerise we now had a better idea of what to plan, and how it would be contructed. We all put our initial ideas together to create a group idea. We planned with more of a filmmakers eye, by creating a opening title sequence frame by frame and thinking of props to use.
  • OTS Planning - filming day preparation

    Our planning was useful in the sense of giving a general idea, however more detail was needed as there is minimal time to make changes on the day of filming. We planned our day from start to finish, so we made the most of our filming day. We had produced storyboards and shot lists to make our day more productive.
  • Filming of OTS

    Filming of OTS
    We filmed our opening title sequence, sticking to our filming day plan, to make our day as productive as possible. Our main focus was filming, due to the cameras battery running out, this holted the process and atlered our filming day plan.
  • Filming day review

    We reviewed the rushes. We sieved through are shots, looking for any areas of improvement. We decided that we needed to have a reshoot, due to the lighting in one of the scenes being to dark. We learnt, that we need to be certain when changing location, that the lighting is good enough to shoot in.
  • Reshoot and filming techniques

    Reshoot and filming techniques
    We reshot the scene that had bad lighting. This now meant that we had all the shots we needed to produce our opening title sequence. During the course of shooting we used a range of shooting techniques like match on action and the 180 degree rule. This was to keep a flow of continuity throughout the piece, and to make the whole peice more interesting and unique.
  • Overall evaluation

    Overall evaluation
    Next time i would make sure we had enough time to shoot the whole piece on the initial filming day. In my opinion our end product is successful in the fact, we achieved what we wanted to achieve.
  • Editing

    We started to edit our shots together into a outline of what we wanted the final piece to look like. This editing process was far more intense, not only was there a deadline to stick to but it was also the final piece. The editing practise we got from the preliminary excerise set us up with the basic skills needed to cut the shots into a rough order.
  • Editing - effects

    Editing - effects
    Afetr we had the shots down onto a time, we needed to make the overall piece more technical. We did this by adding in transitions and fades, to keep the continuity and make the transitions easier on the eye. It was easier to edit knowing how we needed to piece it together, as the options had been layed out in front of us, if it didn't fit properly, then we didn't use it.
  • Finished edit

    Finished edit
    Finally, after weeks of editing the edit was done. Overall, I believe that my film making skills have improved. I now have a broader range of knowledge of the Thriller genre, but also the process in which all films need to go through to reach the final piece. Starting with just an idea, then filming and editing. Also understanding the concepts like continuity edit and camera rules like the 180 degree rule.