Pythagoras' Ramp

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  • 1,150 BCE


    gods and godesses were a bit like humans, but they were much more powerful.
  • -591 BCE


    Oly men,boys and singele girls were allowed to attend the Olympic Games.Married woen were barrred
  • -583 BCE


    The olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in olympia in south west Grecce.Every four years,around to go people came from all over the Grecce to look and take part.Some sporting events at ancient games were covers,loga,rump,discurs-town,travingthe,figth and pancing and rancing cuis can horses.
  • -580 BCE

    The Olympic Games

    first,pythagoras opend a school in samos the name of the school was the semisercle In his school pythagoras' accepted women.Theano was a woman who ruled the pythagoras school.Theano was ruled.
  • -575 BCE


    The 3 periods of the greek art are archaic period - classical period - hellenistic period . The greeks were very good at scuptures - architecture - ceramics - columns
  • -569 BCE


    Pythagoras was born in Samos in Greece, in the year 569 B.C
  • -550 BCE

    Favourite God

    The Greek favourite god was Zeus's. Heracles was Zeus's son.He was so strong he could the zunder with his hand.
  • -538 BCE


    Democracy is a governament ruled by the town or assembly. Officials and leaders were elected and all citzens had a say. Democracy in a Ancient Greece .
  • -538 BCE

    The Vote

    In order to vote had to be a citzens However, not everyone who lived in Athens was citzen. Only mieitory trainning were counted as citzens.
  • -528 BCE

    Traveled pythagoras

    Pythagoras travelled to egipto because the visit a tales. Pythagoras visited a muny of the temples (in year 528 b.C), (at the age 20). Pythagoras was taken to temple Diospols because he was accepted into pristeds.
  • -520 BCE

    acient greece .

    Theatre in the ancient greece was a festibal, the theatres were big , there were tragedis and comedis
  • -518 BCE

    pythagoras discoverd

    pythagoras invented was so happy when he discoverd . The theorem of pythagoras states that the square of the hypotenuse
  • -495 BCE


    Pythagoras died in Metapontoin, the year 495 B.C