Pure Soul Promotional Plan- Makenna Buehler

  • Buy a drink get a bakery item free!

    Buy a drink get a bakery item free!
    This coupon is for when customers buy a drink, and they get a free bakery item of their choice! This coupon will be distributed through our online app! ("Pure Soul Cafe" on the app store)
  • Buy 9 drinks and the 10th is on us!

    Buy 9 drinks and the 10th is on us!
    Our customers will be given a punch card and for every 9 drinks they buy they will get their punch card punched and once they get to 10 they will get that drink free!
  • Coffee Bean Guessing Game!

    Coffee Bean Guessing Game!
    We will have a jar full of coffee beans and we will have a guessing jar where our customers will get to write down their guesses of how many coffee beans are in the jar if they guess the correct amount or they are the closest to the correct answer they will win free coffee/ beverages and food items for a whole year!
  • $100 gift card giveaway!

    $100 gift card giveaway!
    We will give the first 300 customers of the day free $100 gift cards to our coffee shop!

    We will allow our customers to try samples of any of our food or drink items, all they have to do is ask for a sample and we would be more than happy to provide it to them! We will also provide samples outside our store and on the sidewalk.