Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Payton Mueller

  • Coupons

    I will use a coupon to draw in customers, I will use a coupon for a free bakery item with any drink purchase. This will draw customers in and show them the place isn't dirty so they can place positive reviews. This will help save the business because if more customers come to the restaurant, more people will leave good reviews and it will save Pure Soul.
  • Coupon plans

    I will offer a punch card as my coupon plan. This will make people want to keep coming in so they can get more punches. It encourages customers to go to my business when there is some sort of reward, so once they get eight punches, their next drink will be free. This method can help save pure soul, because it makes customers want to come to our restaurant and make our business better.
  • Incentives (Contests/Sweepstakes)

    Contests and sweepstakes make customers more likely to give you their service because they can participate in fun to win some value. We will have a contest, and we will randomly choose someone that restored our photo on social media. This contest will help save our business because these will makes them remember our brand, so it will be good for the business.
  • Traffic Builders

    traffic building draws customers in by showing them an advertising price that they like and brings them in, it will increase the image of the restaurant. This will improve the image of our business because if more customers like our restaurant we will get more good reviews to outweigh the bad ones.
  • Product Samples

    We will give samples at local fairs and events that will bring in customers, if they like our product and want to have it again, it can help our business regain its positive reviews and make more people want to come to our business.