Pure Soul Promotional Plan – Amber Glapinski

  • Period: 2021 BCE to 2021 BCE

    First month

  • Coupons

    For a coupon I will have them be 15% off any item they buy and I will put it on social media to let people know and have a barcode they can scan to redeem it. It will improve the image of the restaurant by showing that we take out business serious also, we are trying to get out their again with better reviews.
  • Coupon plans

    The plan for coupons is to put it out on every social media platform we use and let customers know. I selected this form because that’s where most of our customers look at updates or any news. It will improve our restaurant by letting customers know any updates and having our products be less than the normal price.
  • Incentives

    For a sweepstakes we would give out gift cards for our coffee shop, this will improve our image by being able to get our company out there again and having more customers come in.
  • Period: to

    Second month

  • Traffic Builders

    Traffic Builders
    We could have a blog to let customers know what we all have to offer during the week at the restaurant. I selected this because customers usually go on social media and they are gonna be able to access it from there. This will improve the image by letting customers know ahead of time what we have going on within the next few coming weeks.
  • Period: to

    Third month

  • Product Samples

    Have samples of certain foods that we serve when customers walk into our restaurant. I selected this one because it’s what gets peoples attention the most and people may wanna try new foods they haven’t before. It will improve the image by having new foods added and customers being able to try it.