Puerto Rico

  • Nov 19, 1493

    Columbus Discovery

    Christopher Cloumbus discovered Puerto Rico on his second voyage. When he arrived he met the Taínos, the native inhabitants of the island.
  • Aug 8, 1508

    First Spanish Settlement

    Juan Ponce de León established the first Spanish settlement on the island, Caparra. He later became the first governor
  • Period: Jan 31, 1518 to Jan 31, 1519

    Small Pox Outbreak

  • Royal Decree of Graces 1815

    Its main purpose was to attract europeans to the island. In doing so, weaken the independence movements and increase spanish loyalty.
  • Purto Rican Flag

    This was the first time the Puerto Rican flag was used. It became a national symbol.
  • Charter of Autonomy

    Puerto Rico was Granted some autonomy by Spain. They were able to elect officials an control some taxation. However, this autonomy was short lived.
  • United States Invade

    United States Invade
    American troops led by General Nelson Miles landed in Guánica, Puerto Rico. They were immediately met by Spanish resistance.
  • Treaty of Paris 1898

    Treaty of Paris 1898
    This treaty ended the Spanish American war and resulted in Spain giving up Cuba and giving the United States Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippeans.
  • Foraker Act

    Foraker Act
    Also known as the Organic Act, this gave Puerto Ricans a limited popular government.
  • Jones Act

    Jones Act
    Signed by Wilson, this law made Puerto Rico an official territory, created its bill of rights, established its three banches of government, gave Puerto Ricans statutory citizenship, established elections every four years, and made English an official language.
  • Gag Law

    Gag Law
    This censorship law aimed to supress independence movements in Puerto Rico. It was prohibited to fly the Puerto Rican flag, sing Puerto Rican tunes, mention idependence, or hold political meeting. This was repealed nine years later after it was deemed unconstituional.