Project W.O.R.M.

  • Brainstorm

    We began to brainstorm ideas that would benefit environment, we thought about collecting cans and what not but then we decided to take a different approach and try to recycle water.
  • Blueprints

    We began to draw and share ideas with teachers and the community to get there thoughts, but it was pointed out that when we drank the water there would be notyhing left to recycle. This was a major flaw. Still on the same path we chose to recycle specificly "grey water"
  • Building

    after reviewing our plans and doing some more resaerch we bagan to build our first prototype. Another major flaw, we needed a submersible pump to feed the water back to the storage unit.
  • Aquiring and rebuilding

    After aquring more materials and making a more efficent model were were close to being done. Another flaw set us back.
  • Second Prototype

    We start the dinosuar prototype, Prototype Number 4
  • Remodeling the Dinosuar

    We remodel the dinosuar again for our 6th prototype
  • Our final Prototype completed

    We finish the new slim WORM model, finishing the project