Project timeline

  • What is a thriller

    We started to look at thrillers, we learned about the different types of thrillers there are and about directors and conventions of a thriller.
  • Period: to


  • Preliminary planning

    We then had to create our own preliminary tsak in order to get to grips with how to use all the new technology.
  • Preliminary script and storyboard

    We needed to think of an initial idea in order to film the preliminary task so we set out a basic storyline and drew up a storyboard for it before talking and discussing how much dialogue we wanted in it.
  • Filming preliminary

    When we had finished planning everything we started to film, to play around with camera angles and to get to grips with the tripod and camera we would be using for the rest of our project.
  • thriller storyboards

    Once we had established a base storyline we got to work on a story board for what camera angles we would use and an idea of the sound we could use.
  • Costume

    Next we discussed costume, we talked about how we wanted it to look and then drew it out.
  • Sound

    We researched into thriller opening sounds, whether there was any music or talking and if so what kind of music, how much talking?
  • Auditons for characters

    We held auditions for noth characters in our thriller to determine who would be best suited for what role.
  • Setting

    We then looked around to see where we would want the thriller to be set, originally we wanted it to have religious connotations before deciding against it.
  • Script

    After quite a few drafts we finihsed our final sript.
  • Filming final task

    When we were finally finished with our scripts and storyboards we started to film the final task.
  • Credits

    We looked into a few thriller opening credits before deciding on making our own credits rather than using ones from the computer.