Progression of Antisemitism

  • 27 BCE

    Antisemitism in the Roman Empire

    Many people trace back the first instance of anti semitism to the Roman Empire. This was after the Jewish people refused to agree to practice Roman law, or take part in Roman mythology. After this many Roman were very aggressive toward the Jewish people, and did not want to allow them to be able to practice their religion in peace.
  • 30

    Separation of the Two Alike Faiths

    The operation of the the two alike faith were the Jews and the Christian, who both have alike faiths, but are very estranged. During this time, people during the from the Jewish faith separated from them and joined Jesus to become the Christians. This created hostile tensions between the two groups, and created anti semitism feeling from the Christians.
  • Isolation of the People of the Jewish Faith

    During the 1600, there was a complete separation between the two the Jewish people and everyone else. The Jewish people were isolated as they lived in separate neighborhoods called ghettos, and many times were forced to stay inside. These people were seen as horrible people, and created many myths about their religion, how they were working for the devil.
  • Aryan Race Antisemitism

    The Aryan race had began to emerge, as people started to believe that the Aryan race was superior to other races. This created a discrimination towards the Jewish people, who were believed to belong to a lesser race. This is when the word antisemitism came into the existence, as the Jewish people were also called the Semitic race, so antisemitism mean being against Semitics. This was used to explain the difference in cultures, creating a hierarchy of races.
  • Correction of the Ideas

    During this time studies were made, and found that there was no difference between the Jewish people, and the Aryan race. This did nothing, as people still kept the same viewpoints, even if they were wrong, and kept treating the Jewish people horribly.
  • Distortion of Race

    People started to have very distorted views about the Jewish faith, and the people who practice it. People began to think that they were in right to make the Jewish people lesser, and made things worse for them. During any times of problems, like the problems in the late 1920s and the early 1930s, the Jews were the ones that were blamed for everything that happened. People began to be publicly racist towards
  • Civil Servants and Rise of Adolf Hitler

    During this time they believed that there were too many Jewish people in high standing, which made them not happy as Jewish people were seen as less. When Hitler first came into power as a chancellor of Germany, he almost immediately started to make antisemitic laws against the Jewish people. Hitler made sure that the Jewish people were hated, and separated them from everyone.
  • No Longer Citizens

    Being in office for only around 2 years, Hitler stripped the Jewish people in Germany of their citizenship. Hitler also made it a crime for anyone else to associate with them, trying to make sure that they stay isolated form everyone else.
  • Death of the People

    After a few years in power Hitler was able to gain power of a large part of Eastern Europe and Western Europe. He made sure that he spread antisemitic beliefs across Europe, and tried to make sure that the Jewish people were hated. After a few years, almost all of the Jewish people who lived in Europe were dead, and those who were not, were found in death camps.
  • Last Group

    There was only one big group of Jewish people left in Europe, and that was the Jews in Hungary. Hitler wanted to be able to take these people as well, but Hungary would not let him, even though they were also heavily antisemitic. In 1944, Hitler tired of being told no, forcibly took over Hungary, and had already started a new reign of terror on the Hungarian Jewish people.