Production Scedule

  • Present our Pitch

  • Period: to

    Production Schedule

  • No Lesson

  • First Filming Brick Scene

  • Filming Canal Scene

  • Take Equipment out for weekend Filming

  • Filming in Skate Park

  • No Longer Need to Film.

    All our Footage that we needed to film over the course of the weekend was done on 26/10/13. Everything is going extremely well!
  • Return Equipment back to College

  • Filming at London Bridge: CANCELLED

    We decided not to film in this area because it was not needed.
    We started placing all the footage on the video drive and setting up base tracks.
  • Further filming: NOT NEEDED/CANCELLED.

    We have started editing on Final Cut Pro. We are setting up all the base tracks in line with the beat of the song. We are also selecting what shots we want and what we don't want in our music video.
  • No Lessons (Start Editing)

  • Carry on Editing

  • Edting/Produce Rough Cut

    Further editign will be carried out so that we can produce a 1st Rough Cut by the end of the lesson!
  • Produce Final Rough Cut Edit

  • More Editing...

  • Editing in iMAC Room

  • Additional Editing...


    Before the Final Deadline(:
  • Final DEADLINE.