Post Production Timeline

By XtelleB
  • Bait Tutorial

    • Moving clips on the timeline
    • Match cut edit
    • Cutting into clips so we can put other clips on the timeline
  • Swede

    ways of adding things to my blog to make its presentation a lot more appealing.
    Digital Technology 2
    I used Clipgrab for the first time during the post production of my Swede, I used this to convert a video from youtube to an MP3 track, in my case this was the Harry Potter theme tune, we chose to use this to add a bit of the real Harry Potter film to our swede, It was successful because it made our swede easily recogniseable to our audience as a Fake Harry Potter film.
  • Swede Film

    • Slow motion
    • Use of Moving Text
    • Rendering
    Digital Technology
    Used Blogger for the first time to input all of our Harry Potter material during the production of our swede. Used it as a place where we coud record the materials we gathered from our research, planning, production and post production. In the begining it was hard because I didnt know how to use it but as time progressed it became easier and I found more creative methods to add to my blog to make it look better.
  • Arlington Road Read

    Arlington Road Read
    • Using Soundtrack Pro
    - Match Cut
  • Shot By Shot Juno

    • Using Filter -Razor tool
    • Soundtrack
    Digital Technology
    Used Panning facility on camera for our shot by shot remake for Juno. Used it to follow our protagonist down the road because we had to mimick the original + it meant less editing. Not successful at start because it was hard to keep our protagonist in the centre of the frame, Used editing to show movement easier (Match Cut) in A2 we used tracking because it was easier.
  • Match Cut Prelim

    Match Cut Prelim
  • Thriller

  • Lip Sync Tutorial

    Inserting Markers on each base track on a certain lyric so on final cut pro when placed at the same point the music will be in sync with what the artist is singing
  • Music Video Remake Vogue

    Music Video Remake Vogue
  • Digipak for Music video remake

    Digipak for Music video remake
  • Music Video

    Music Video
  • Ancillary