Post Production Timeline

  • Bait Tutorial

  • Film Swede

    Film Swede
    When we had to make a swede, the group I was in decided that we should do Ted the movie. When making our Ted swede, we realised that in oder for us to get good shots of what we were filming to use to edit, we would have to re-shots scenes at least maybe 3 times. When editing the swede, that was my first time using Final Cut Pro and colour adjustment. The use of technology that was used was the camera and we used the camera to pan when I was running of with the teddy.
  • Shoy-by-shot remske

  • Match cut prelim

  • Thriller

    When making the thriller, we used two main technologies: the camera and Final Cut Pro. We used the camera to get all the shots that we needed and by this time, we had a bit of an idea of how to use Final Cut Pro so it was kind of easy to uses once we knew where we wanted certain shots to go and how to transition on to the next one
  • Lip sync tutorial

    We practied how to lip sync because we were preparing ourselves to make a music video
  • Music video remake

    Music video remake
    We made a remake of Madonna's music video "Vogue" and this is where I was becoming a master of putting music and the clips that we recorded in sync using Final Cut Pro
  • Ancillary pack

  • Music video

  • Ancillary