planning a musical product

  • group meeting

    roles of the people in the band Kourie Abbot Drummer, Joe Williams Bass,Guitarist, Harry Hanley, Vocalist Alisha Gazay Sound Technician Kurt Kennedy, Vocalist
  • First band practice

    for the first hour we were going through ideas of the song and all we focused on was the drums and how they went with the backing track. We decided to add the guitar along so Joe was focused on on Kouries Timing on the drums.
  • Band Practice 2

    With the guitar and drums on point we all decided as a group to fit our vocals in me being a rouch vocalist was working with Kurt on his clean vocals i did the chorus and Kurt was doing lead, verses the only problem we had was having no bass since joe did both so we thought we would do the bass when it comes to recording
  • Recording Rehearsals

    we are planning on having a full morning of having a practice run of recording our song so there will be no mistakes on the day
  • Recording our song

    our day to record our song but we will still be recording to the 24th of febuary
  • recording

    recording in the studio and mixing the track we have produced
  • Mixing the track

    carrying on mixing the track we have produced
  • Miscellanious

  • Recording

    recording in the studio